Good service Medion/Repair Line

  mikef. 20:26 03 Aug 2006

Last week my hard drive on my Medion crashed, reported to Medion on Tuesday, Repair line contacted me Wednesday , today two new hard drives and a new stick of RAM were fitted by a very pleasant engineer who called me an hour before arriving to let me know he was on the way.

After all the complaints here it's good To praise good at home warranty service

  mammak 21:28 03 Aug 2006

that is good to know as my partner bought me a Medion for my birthday my first ever experince with the company so it is good to know that the after sales service is so spot on thanks for sharing somthing good with us regards.

  spuds 22:50 03 Aug 2006

Good news indeed, but how come two new hard drives were fitted and a new stick of ram?.

I have always stated that Medion supply a good product, of which I use a Medion branded flat screen monitor. Not sure who the actual monitor manufacturer is, but it is a superb bit of kit.

Going on a sour note. When the monitor was purchased from Staples, it came with a three year warranty. The monitor warranty was registered with Medion,which they accepted, but three days later, Medion stated that the warranty and guarantee was void, due to Staples using the monitor as a product display unit. Eventually after many telephone calls and letter writing, Medion stated that they would provide a one year warranty only. Staples in the end, undertook the responsibility for the full three years cover. So on that score, Medion lose a few brownie points. A further point of dissatisfaction, was the charge of nearly £7.50 for a poor photocopied instruction manual for the monitor.

  mikef. 23:45 05 Aug 2006

The reason for two hard drives, they were set up as an array so Medion provided two pre formated drives to Repair Line, they also provided a stick of RAM as well in case that was part of the problem, so the engineer fitted it. All I can say is everything is working fine now, touching lot's of wood after that comment, and a lot quieter, sounds as if the original Seagate drive was a bit dodgy from day one.

  Young69 21:09 04 Nov 2006

After my problems with my PC and repair line passing the buck to medion. i was left without a working PC for 9~10 months. YES 9~10 MONTHS.

I could write a book on the bad service. To cut it short that time I sent 7~10 faxes to medion ( calls cost me £££££ with hours of waiting.) 3 recorded letters and finally I returned it back to ALDI

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