Good service from Dell

  cracker23 21:40 03 Mar 2003

Dell seem to be getting a lot of stick recently so i thought I would tell you about my dealings with them recently.I ordered a Dell Dimention online and received it within 8 days.Every email that I sent them was replied to within hours.After 3 weeks the computer developed a fault and after two phone calls to their technical support(no waiting for ages on the line,calls were answered stright away)they determined that it was a motherboard fault.They sent a technician out 2 days later to replace the faulty mobo with a new one.That evening I received a call from them asking if everything was ok.After reading some of the threads about Dell I was expecting trouble with them, but have been very impressed.They have been very helpful and the machine is great. Just thought I would give credit where credit is due. thanks

  Oriole 23:44 03 Mar 2003

They must have been taking note of the number of complaints posted on the forum lately :)

  tuff guy 00:52 04 Mar 2003

That does'nt sound like the Dell I know. Maybe it's a different company.!!! Took me 2+ months to put right my PC. In fairness the fact it fell apart, literally, when it arrived back from repairs, did help my case & they upgraded my machine. However they c**ked up the delivery date. They were only a week out & it was only by chance I was in. Good Luck to you.

  cracker23 08:02 04 Mar 2003

thanks guys.I'll leave this open til tonight & see if anyone else has any views

  oresome 12:12 04 Mar 2003

Glad you received the service you and I would expect.

All the stranger that we keep reading these horror stories. How can a company with established service procedures produce so much variance from one customer experience to another?

I've no doubt the majority of customers receive your level of service and we hear nothing of it.

It would be interesting to hear from a brave manufacturer after an investigation into a botched service request, exactly what did go wrong and how things slipped through the net.

Any offers?

  cracker23 13:44 04 Mar 2003

Nice idea, but i cant see it happening. It does seem strange though,as you said,how the level of service can be so different within the same company,and I dont just mean Dell. Maybe one of the representative's(from any company) who overlook this site can give comment

  Grizzler 11:26 05 Mar 2003

I've had a mixed experience with Dell... I got my PC in good time (within 7 days), but had the wrong monitor (and wrong warranty was specified on Invoice)... It then took a lot of calls/emails to sort out.
I eventually got the monitor switched after about 2 weeks of hassle and am still waiting on the warranty to be resolved. Although emailing the IEUK_CustomerRelations team seems to have helped - got a call today from someone who was happy to provide his name & a direct number... Perhaps they should publicise this address on their own site - so you have someone to go to if you get nowhere with Customer Care.

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