Good quality inkjet.

  Dannyb 20:01 22 May 2006

I know questions have been asked many times about this, but, I am looking for a really good inkjet printer. My needs are mostly B/W but I do occasionally need colour and I want that to be pretty good when I need it. I don't print photos. I have currently got an Epson Stylus Photo 895 which is about to give up on me. Thanks

  TOPCAT® 23:26 22 May 2006

listed in issue 131 (June) is the HP DeskJet 5940 at £75 inclusive (

Quote: "...It's extremely fast, and print quality is very good, with plenty of colour depth and keen detail reproduction."

They give a 'Recommended' to the Epson Stylus D88 Photo at £57 inclusive (

Quote: "....If you want to make your photos look as stunning as possible, there are undoubtably some better models in this chart. If your priority is a good multi-purpose inkjet that can carry out a wide range of tasks with speed and precision, then you won't beat this for a deal......." TC.

  Stuartli 00:06 23 May 2006

The Epson D88 can be picked up at your local Tesco for a surprisingly low price but, for the life of me, I can't remember exactly what it is at the moment...:-(

It's not listed on its website.

  Stuartli 00:11 23 May 2006

Even better would be an Epson R200/220 for very little more.

I would be somewhat doubtful, for instance, about this particular offer in view of the delivery costs but.....

click here

  Stuartli 00:14 23 May 2006


click here

  pj123 17:42 23 May 2006

I have an Epson 895 which I have had for at least 5 years and it is still working fine. How do you know that your 895 is about to pack up? I would like to know so that I can get another printer before that happens. I also have an Epson R200 printer. So much better and faster/quieter than the 895 and it also prints direct to CD/DVDs

Epson R200: click here

  Dannyb 19:02 23 May 2006

Hi pj123, for some time now my printer has had a mind of it's own. It will often take numerous sheets of paper at a time and another time it will take nothing. It will stop printing halfway through a print job and then, when I can cancel all documents it just freezes and I then have to reboot the PC. When I re-boot it will start to print what I have already had printed in the last print job it did do. Daren't cancel that print run or it's re-boot again. Removed the drivers and then downloaded new, but it made no difference. Too frustrated now so looking for a new one.

  Fishbox 15:18 24 May 2006

Partly as a result of feedback to a post on this forum,I recently bought an Epson R220.
Cheap compatible cartridges are available.(See thread on "R220 Compatible Cartridges")It seems happy on non-Epson photopaper and is quiet.Print results are good but not particularly fast.At the time Comet,Curry's and PCWorld had it for a shade under £70 instore but I opted to order online from Comet,at£63-74 with free delivery.There may be cheaper sources.

  jakimo 20:53 25 May 2006

The Epson R220 at Amazon for £59.65

click here

  flycatcher 21:39 25 May 2006

I have an Epson 220 and I am very pleased with it but I find that results are noticeably better on Epson Papers. I have tried Fuji and Xerox but the difference shows.

  Dannyb 22:30 25 May 2006

Thanks for all the advice folks. Much appreciated.

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