Good place to buy a PC in the UK?

  retro_hood 17:50 28 Nov 2006

Looking to buy a Desktop PC around the price rage of £800 to £1000 and maybe little more (NOT including extended warranty). Was a PC World customer but their Graphics Cards are poor i have been told and i am seeking advice on them form pc experts.

Was wondering if there is any retail shop ini the Uk (Scotland if possible) Where they sell good PC's!

  The Kestrel 18:51 28 Nov 2006

Try Novatech click here they have anexcellent reputation for both equipment and service.

  Joe R 19:04 28 Nov 2006

click here
click here
click here

Three well recommended suppliers.

  The Brigadier 20:48 28 Nov 2006
  Kate B 20:53 28 Nov 2006

If you want a proper shop, John Lewis is as good as any.

  oldbeefer2 22:33 28 Nov 2006

Evesham have 'proper shops', and make good computers (in my experience).

  terryf 22:39 28 Nov 2006

click here less expensive than Novatech . or click here?

  grumpygramp 12:51 29 Nov 2006

I have just bought from Novatech and wish I had bought my two previous computers from there.Customer services/sales were excellent. their technical support was first class, and their computer out of this world .

  spuds 13:07 29 Nov 2006

What about the latest offer from Aldi. According to form and other forum members, specification are very good with value for money.

Failing that, PC World or Novatech.

  fifemale93 13:40 29 Nov 2006

Seen one laptop i really like the look of at Comet (online), anyone bought a pc/laptop from Comet in the past, good service etc?

  antonyW 01:53 30 Nov 2006

I want to order desktop pc from <a href="click here">microgate computers</a>. Anyone bought from them?

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