Good old BT, yes thats what I said!

  Cymro. 10:51 30 Nov 2010

People are quick enough to criticise BT (probably rightly so on occasions)but let me relate to you my recent experience of them. On buying a new computer I wondered if the router I had been using and supplied by BT five years ago would work with a 64bit machine.

So rather trying my luck I phoned them about this. They said they would send my free of charge their latest router. This is currently on sale on the BT website for £90.

On top of this they would sign me up to a new broadband contract that was cheaper than the one I am now on. I will have to be on the new contract for twelve months but as I had no intention of changing to another ISP I thought all this rather good.

It was well after three in the afternoon when I phoned them and still the postman delivered the new router the next morning. Added to this is that everything worked straight out of the box. Just pop the disc in, connect up, follow the on screen instructions and even the wireless function worked straight off. It was in fact the wireless function that I expected the most difficulties with.

So here we are some seven days latter and still no problems and no loss of wireless connection. How things have improved in just five years. I dare say it is just a matter of time before I am on the Helproom looking for help with some problem or other but so far so good and at least partly due to BT.

  jack 11:23 30 Nov 2010

As I am in the process of moving to Infinity from my now closing UKonline.
Its nice to read of a positive response.

  Pine Man 16:28 30 Nov 2010

Pleased to hear it. Makes up for the crap they have served up to me in the past. Maybe there have been some changes to their customer service dept.

  Cymro. 17:37 30 Nov 2010

The BT Customer Service Help Line is somewhere I used to spend a lot of time on when I first had a computer. All my problems were with the wireless connection.

My first call to them was over an hour long and I was none the wiser at the end of it. I phoned back the next day and got someone else who had my connection up and running in a few minutes.

So I suppose it must depend a lot on luck and who you happen to get on the other end of the line. There is one consolation at least the BT Help Line is less costly than most of the other ISPs. There was even talk of them bringing the service over to the UK.

  gartoy 23:38 02 Dec 2010


If decided to come back to BT (which I wouldn't) I would be given their latest router & charged whatever the going rate currently is.

When you called they signed you up to the latest contract which included the router, someone converted your query into a sale.

Having said that, you are happy with BT, have new hardware & have saved some money so well done for ringing them.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with their service I hated having to call them & would probably have just purchased a new router myself.

  Cymro. 09:29 03 Dec 2010

That is exactly what I intended to do, but just thought I would have a go at phoning BT and see what they came up with. Very much to my surprise they made the offer and I was only too glad to take it. I had in fact been looking at new wireless routers on the net and intended buy one.

I had heard of people having similar offers from other companies when they threatened to take their business elsewhere. I did try it on with Sky a year or so ago when I wanted a Sky+Box. It did not work with them but it is always worth a try. My daughter did manage to get a free Sky+Box but she is a better negotiator than me.

  jack 10:36 03 Dec 2010

Mac code Tues day.
Email from BT confirming order with info re delivery of kit as being 3/12 and Open Reach coming to do the work on Tues 7th
Because I lost a secure page- with new E-mail address sorted that by phone. all so easy.
Only the weather now will put all good plans in the pot.
As I live on top of the north downs and the nearby M25 locked up most of the time,and where once I had a car there is now a 15x6 ft snowball in company with lots more of the same in the road- me thinks things could slip a bit.
Never mind BT are doing their best I guess.

  Cymro. 10:52 03 Dec 2010

As I have said before I think there is an element of luck with these things. I all depends on who it is that picks up the phone, answers your Email, letter whatever. As with most things there are those who do their job as it should be done, others who will go the extra mile for you and others who just can`t be bothered.

  spuds 13:18 03 Dec 2010

I think the name of the game for having a new router supplied, is the new contract, and a twelve month one at that, when other providers are requiring longer periods on their contracts. The person dealing with you might have perhaps list you as a 'new' customer (check your account number), and by doing so, make life easier for all concerned.

We have had a telephone since the old GPO days, then followed through with BT in its various guises. Went from BT Surftime on Lineone to fully Tiscali, now TalkTalk. In that time I have managed to get two modems and one router out of Tiscali. Thought that I might need to the other day, as the Siemens router supplied by Tiscali was reset to factory settings (remote?). A very pleasant young lady soon got us out of that problem.

One thing that I have noticed with BT, is the fact that we keep getting their Welcome Back packs and offers, but their prices still do not compare at all favourable with the service I am presently using.

The other point to consider is that BT still have the stronghold on the lines and services being provided nation-wide (except Hull district?), in respect of the exchanges and BT OpenReach.

  timsmith259 14:29 03 Dec 2010

I will take this with a pinch of salt lets see how you are in a couple of months time maybe i can say yeah they great or say nah just a load of cobblers

  jack 10:18 04 Dec 2010

Well I guess its salt and grit that's needed -;~
The E-mails came in -
Expect the kit to arrive Friday 3rd- it did not of course- tried tracking it- Its in Yorkshire distribution- For North Kent? - figures I guess.
So I thought better reschedule the engineer- on line - server error
Telephone then - all busy 10 minutes wait.
And still no get through.
Blame the snow and sit and wait.
Though surprise surprise - the milk man made it through- just as I was contemplating rooting out the emergency tin of dried milk.

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