Good offer or not

  sattman 13:34 05 Nov 2005

The price of these offers seems too good to be true, has anyone ever used them ?

click here

  PaulB2005 14:02 05 Nov 2005

2.3. You cannot register the software with the manufacturer and updates are available not for all the products;

2.7. If you purchase any of the products listed below you confirm that you already have or going to purchase or obtain in any other way CD burning software which support the function of creating image disks.

Basically they are supposed to be "backup" copies for legitimate copies of software you already have.

An attempt to make an illegal download site legal.

Avoid as some just take your credit card details and do nothing else.

  PaulB2005 14:07 05 Nov 2005

I'll admit i mis-read 2.7 as there is usually a clause that states something along the lines of "this download is for backup purposes only" bu i can't find it here.

I don't believe any of the software here is legal. Maybe i'm wrong?

  Arnie 16:28 05 Nov 2005

I agree with PaulB2005.

I could not find an official address. Your only redress is via e-mail.
Also, I doubt whether Microsoft would allow a company to send non-boxed material to you.

  Joe R 16:34 05 Nov 2005

there is one line, in the read more about the conditional guarantee part, that would really worry me, it reads as follows.

"Updates are available for the most of our products (you may ask our support staff for the exceptions) that make them fully functional and operating."

  sattman 16:35 05 Nov 2005

I ask because I have been getting these offers at frequent intervals by email over the last 6 months. As they clearly can not be legitimate software at this price I would expected that some action would have been taken to close them down.

  spuds 16:38 05 Nov 2005

Definitely to good to be true.Bargepole comes to mind.

  Forum Editor 21:54 05 Nov 2005

how anyone could afford to sell Microsoft Office 2003 Professional for $69.95 or DreamWeaver 8 for $49.95.

The answer is they couldn't. This is not legitimately licensed software.

  StevenStocks 21:59 05 Nov 2005

Bet it has links to something like a torrent site or something like it when you purchase the software, if people are stupid enough to do then they get whatever they deserve, its obvious its copied software

  HondaMan 22:22 05 Nov 2005

Lets face it. If software manufacturers like Ms made their software available at reasonable prices and without all the rigmarole of activation nobody would buy questionable software.

Look at Serif, good products, reasonable prices and a money back no-quibble guarantee

  sattman 00:35 06 Nov 2005

I was hoping someone would come on to say I bought it and it is excellant, but somehow I don't think that is going to happen so I will close the thread.

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