The good... and not so good! Morgan and Mesh

  Simsy 14:54 07 Aug 2006


I have previously recommended on these pages, on grounds of cast, Morgan computers, click here I have to now mention them again on the grounds of no quibble service;...

I bought a "Bug" radio from them a couple of weeks ago. £49.99 + VAT. It's turned out to be not very good, with various features not working reliably. The firmware was version 1, and upgrading proved to provide inproved features... but they didn't all work, so I reverted it to version 1. Subsequent internet searching reveals that I'm not the only one with problems...

So today I took it back to ask for a refund as it was obviously faulty...

"Yes sir.. what can I get for you?"

"I bought this from you a couple of weeks ago but I'm afraid I need to return it for a refund as it's faulty"

"No problem sir. What's wrong with it?"

I narate the woes of it and he then says;

"Ok. How did you pay?"

I tell him by CCard, give hime the card and all is done without any gyp at all.

Now I know this was only a small purchase, but customer service is all about attitude. This was exemplary.

On the other hand...

I'm being asked advice by a colleague who's about to get a PC for the first time. He wants a laptop, which I don't really know much about. But I know what his computing needs are, so I've been able to do a bit of reasearch...

The Mesh showroom in North London is within reach of both of us, so I figure that it might be worth a visit, if we can actually see the goods. I've found that the mouse tracker thingies on laptops are variable so I think he should be able to try out a model he may get...

I want to ring the showroom to check that on a visit we can actually try the goods, and, if appropriate, buy and take away there and then...

They have a phone number for sales on the website. The problem is that when dialing it I'm asked for a pin number! Not much good if I'm not a customer already and don't have one.

I'm looking to buy... why not make it easy for me? They don't want to talk to me. As I said before, customer service is all about attitude!!



  MESH Support 16:08 07 Aug 2006

The pin number your referring to could well be a MESH serial number - required for existing customers only, to access their order.

As this is a sales based enquiry - select 'option 1' on the number supplied on the site - and you'll get straight through for your sales based enquiry.

I just tried - and got through is less the 10 secs.

If you prefer not to try gain, please tell me the notebook you were looking for and I’ll check to see if it’s in the showroom.

As I say, definitely no pin required.

Best Regards – Nick

  Simsy 16:21 07 Aug 2006

but I don't have a specific model in mind.

The point of my posting was that it's not easy to get to talk to someone because I wasn't offered any options... it just said "enter your pin number"...

Having said that, having seen your post, I've just tried again, and was immediately offered a set of options!

Maybe it was a telecoms glitch. I had tried twice on my original attempt, in case I'd misdialled.

However, to save me ringing again, perhaps you can answer the questions;

1) Is it possible to try out the goods at the showroom, thinking specifically about using the "mouse" on a laptop. (My friend has had surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome, so this is important).

2) Given that the model needs to be in stock, in principal is it possible to purchase and takeaway a laptop the same day?

3) If the answer to Q2 is "Yes", is it typical for most models to be in stock?

Many thanks,



  dontmeshwithme 16:50 07 Aug 2006

Try pressing the option for customer services and seeing if you get through in 10 secs! I think you managed to get to the correct assumption in your first post, but did so by error!

  MESH Support 16:54 07 Aug 2006

Wish I could give you an unequivocal answer.

1 - Yes, many of our notebooks are available in the showroom to try - with a mouse.

2 & 3 - Normally not. The MESH brands will tend to need to be configured and delivered to you. However many of our Asus and MSI ranges we sell are in stock and if so, can be handed over to you. I believe all our ASUS/MSI notebooks currently also come with a corded mouse as standard.

Maybe you would like to check out our range here, and if of any interest, let me know the model no. and I will check for showroom and stock availability.
Click here to see our ranges
click here

Hope this helps.


  Simsy 17:04 07 Aug 2006

The purpose of this thread was to point out what I experienced, and percieved as, a failing of the system with Mesh, (not to seek specific help), and to compare this with the service I'd recieved at Morgan.

It seems as if what I experienced was probably a glitch, which can happen to anyone. Given this I retract what appears to be a criticism.

With thanks to Nick, I'll leave this for now. We may pay a visit to the showroom. It would only be fair for me to report back should we do so.




  clueless555 17:34 07 Aug 2006

hi i was wondering where the mesh showroom is in north london and wether you need an appointment to look at the shop?! sorry if seems like a stupid question. i cant find the details anywhere.

  MESH Support 17:43 07 Aug 2006

Showroom is Open, Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm & Saturday: 10am - 5pm.

No appointment necessary

Address is
MESH House
Unit 1 Oxgate Centre
Oxgate Lane

For Map/directions - click here

  Spark6 21:04 07 Aug 2006

As you obviously live/work within reach of a Morgan's establishment why don't you and your friend try out the laptops there?

I ask this question simply because I purchased a Toshiba laptop from them, over the internet, and the service has been first class.

  Simsy 23:11 07 Aug 2006

That is a possibility... The branch near me however is th ehead office at Greenford, and it's not a showroom as such...

We may be able to however.

The purpose of the thread was to show good/not so good, customer service.

It should be perhaps noted that the Mesh prescence on this forum is a good thing. Something that I'm not aware Morgan have... (or have needed, some might say!)

Thanks for your point however,



  Stuartli 23:33 07 Aug 2006

Morgan Computers (an excellent company) doesn't manufacture thousands of computer systems annually, Mesh does...:-)

Mesh has had a representative on this forum for a long time (used to be Davey) and quite a few others at one time, although most of these seem to have disappeared into thin air...

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