Good News Worth Reporting Regarding Fibre-Optic Upgrade This Morning.

  uggly 11:01 30 Oct 2012

Its lovely to be able to report some good news today. A BT Openreach engineer has successfully installed a new router, modem and socket into my bungalow to upgrade my TalkTalk Essentials packages as part of my renewed 18 month contract with them.

I live in the market town of Spalding in Lincolnshire and around 100 yards from the BT Exchange. My previous download speed was 16.1mbps and my upload speed was 0.500mbps. As part of the fibre-optic upgrade, my download speed now measures around 40mbps (capped by TalkTalk which I knew about in advance),and my upload speed is 1.8mbps. Until the line 'settles down' this will vary over the coming two weeks and I am happy with this.

The engineer was telling me that the speed of the line prior to my copper wire connection from their green box to my bungalow was a staggering 240mbps which he said was the fastest speed he'd seen around here. He was very efficient and polite, did a brilliant job with the installation of the equipment, showed me how it all worked, and then left. He also said that despite the fibre-optic option here in Spalding, the take-up rate is very slow.

As a registered disabled man, I am extremely happy today in that I can now watch iPlayer without too much buffering as had happened before. I can also indulge my hobby of legal downloads of music quicker, and chat online with HD webcam to some friends around the world. So, yes, its really great to impart good news worth reporting regaring fibre-optic upgrade this morning.

  Forum Editor 11:23 30 Oct 2012

Thanks for sharing that experience with us. It's always good when you get decent service and a satisfactory result.

Your engineer's comment regarding the take up rate mirrors my own experience with BT Infinity. When I was connected the engineer told me that mine was the only Infinity connection in the green street box.

  wee eddie 13:09 30 Oct 2012

Roll it out.

I'm paying for a 20Mbps Connection but rarely get as much as 3Mbps

  uggly 13:14 30 Oct 2012

My pleasure Mr.Forum Editor. Its always great to share a good news story with everyone in contrast with the many bad stories of things going wrong.I did forget to add that the £30 refund from TalkTalk in respect of my complaint about their free set-up offer on another thread has also been credited to my account.This I am also please about so all-in-all,I'm more than pleased with TalkTalk.

I'm going to write to my local newspaper the Spalding Guardian about the slow uptake of fibre-optic. There are many businesses small and large, and many more individual households, who may simply not be aware we actually have fibre-optic internet. Considering there is a population of 30,000 of us here, and there has been a massive investment in our rural economy, it would be a shame if others were not making their best use of it.

Lets hope my example will serve to highlight this event. I wonder if your fine magazine might like to do an item on this in a future edition? It would be great if you did as we are a rural country market town with a huge agricultural base amongst other businesses, and, from memory, we were one of the 'chosen few' places as well. Just an idea.

Thank you.

  woodchip 14:50 30 Oct 2012

So what's with all the go faster stripes? it may shorten your life as you will be doing nothing but sat before a screen all your life. rather than getting out while you are fit, and doing something productive. I only wish I could work though I am 76 and Disabled., I still do as much as I can including my own washing shopping etc as I lost my wife in 1994 . And no amount of Fibre Optics is going to help with the above

  uggly 15:21 30 Oct 2012

Hello woodchip. I wish I were fit and able-bodied but I'm not. I have bodywide osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I use opiate painkiller patches to quell the main pain, and take high-dose anti-imflammatories to subdue joint inflammation. Coupled with frequent dizzy spells and balance problems, and chronic pain from walking some distances, and ever-worsening insomnia, I rely on my computer for ordering my Tesco shopping and Amazon for other items. I don't drive, or use/own a mobility scooter, just a walking stick when I go out. At 58, I have no chance of returning to work, and nothing more can be done as my right hand is in a very bad way. I am grateful my brain is still functioning and alert which is more than can be said for my rapidly ageing body and I'm quite cheerful despite my disposition. I would love to work, but JobCentrePlus aren't geared for people wanting to work at home. I'm quite cheerful, I won't let it beat me, and I do what I can do as and when I can do it.

  frybluff 15:50 30 Oct 2012

Think yourself lucky. I'm with Virgin, and they "upgraded" our speed, a couple of months back. The max speed has gone up, in line with their claims. Unfortunately, what's also gone up, is the number of outages. I mean, periods of several hours, several times a week, when we have virtually zero speed (under 100Kb/s. That's not a typo, it is a K).

Complained to their call centre, who said it was a faulty superhub, and they sent engineer.

He didn't even need to look at hub, but said it was a network issue, that, since the upgrade, the system was overloaded, and, rather than reduce speeds, generally, back again, they had decided to "rotate" outages, TO BE FAIR TO ALL.

RUBBISH. It's because, if they dropped the speeds back, til the system worked, properly, OFFCOM would make them change their "up to xxx" claims.

Apparently, it should be resolved, by next year!!

  woodchip 16:12 30 Oct 2012

The Marmite Kid Tell me about it, I am on Tablet Salad and used to use the patches but they did me no good I also Started with Sleep Apnoea but went Hospital and now have a mask on all night and its given me a new lease of life as I could not keep my eyes open when at home or in a meeting. I was all right driving as long as I did not go too far but all that is now behind me. and can do a lot more, I have about four scooters

  uggly 17:13 30 Oct 2012

Woodchip...Never heard it called a 'tablet salad' before, but don't suppose for one minute its gourmet medication.Its great to read that your diagnosis and treatment with a mask has helped you regain a better way of life. With four scooters, I can see you taking up Formula 1 with other mobility scooter users and racing round Silverstone in a 'supercart' and burning some rubber in the process crossing the winning line waved on by that chequered flag! Go woodchip. Stay well and warm speedy!

Frybluff...thats truly awful of Virgin to offer something they appear not to be able to supply. I've seen them in programmes like 'Watchdog' and the like, and often they don't come out of these programmes well. It seems to me sometimes they're all show over substance but I'm really happy with my own TalkTalk services including tech support and customer services.I do hope your clearly awful service improves sooner rather than later.

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