Good news, For a change.

  Dorsai 19:01 06 Jan 2005

I have just had an e-mail from Tiscali, my ISP, advising me that 'for free' they are going to upgrade my 3x connection to a 5x one, towards the end of January sometime.

checking their broadband page: click here

They no longer do a 3x connection, and have lowered the price of the 5x one to what the 3x one used to cost. It still has no 'usage' limit.

It's nice to see them do 'the decent thing' and upgrade my account, for free, rather that leave me on 3x, or charge me to move up to 5x.

  Totally-braindead 19:16 06 Jan 2005

Yeah unless you're already on the 5x service paying £19.99 a month and Tiscali refuse to change your service.

  Dorsai 19:26 06 Jan 2005

That would really get my goat!

They do it for me, and get 'it right'.

But then do what you say to you, and 'compleatly get it wrong'

Good customer service has to be given to all customers for it to be good.

  Totally-braindead 19:41 06 Jan 2005

Slight change to my above posting, I've phoned Tiscali and they inform me that as of 28th Feb I will get 10x broadband at the same price as I'm paying now or I can downgrade to the 5x and pay the lower price. This is ok but when the prices dropped about 6 months ago I contacted them about the new prices and was told that since my contract said I would pay £19.99 for the 5x I would have to pay this for a year thereafter I could take advantage of the new price, guess when my year is up, in February anyway. I think that in February I'll look about at whats on offer, paying special attention to the small print. I do feel a bit hard done by in that newer Tiscali members will have paid £30 less than I have for the past 6 months but that was the contract I signed up to. If I stay with Tiscali I'll be making sure that if they lower the prices again that I will be able to take advantage of this. If they insist on me signing up for a one year contract at the rates they charge now then I'll be looking elsewhere. Perhaps I'm being unfair to Tiscali and all Internet Providers are the same but all I know is in the past 6 months I'll have paid more for the same service than some other people and I feel thats a bit unfair.

  Dorsai 20:01 06 Jan 2005

I was not on the net 6 months ago. so cant comment about the price drop then.

At least they have tried to be nice. Same price, faster connection, or same connection at current

That is basically what they are giving me.

Same price for a faster connection, and i have about 7 months to run.

  Totally-braindead 20:21 06 Jan 2005

A good deal for you definately Dorsai, and I shouldn't be moaning about mine as I signed up to the contract.

  Dorsai 21:02 06 Jan 2005

But i also signed up for a contract.

12month @ £15.99 for 3x.

I get a free upgrade and you dont.

You seem to have ended up with a poor deal.

that does not seem fair.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 21:26 06 Jan 2005

im signed on contract for £25 PM,do i have to pay £20 now?.

  Totally-braindead 22:13 06 Jan 2005

Big Ben if you're with Tiscali then I think you get updated but to what I don't know. I would suggest you phone them and ask, all I know is I asked 6 months ago when the price dropped and they said sorry but thats what you agreed to pay for 1 year. They now tell me I can get 10x from 28th Feb at the new price but whether thats going out to everyone or just the ones who have been with them over a year I just don't know. As I said in Feb I'll have been with them a year.

  spuds 22:25 06 Jan 2005

Looks like I may need to keep an eye on this offer. I have been using both the 3x and 10x for very much more than a year now, and no offer as come my way for any free upgrades.

  Totally-braindead 22:28 06 Jan 2005

I presume Spuds that Dorsai has just received the offer, perhaps emails are on their way to all of us? Well we can hope anyway.

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