A good MP3 player...

  Fateful Shadow 21:58 26 Feb 2006

My MP3 player 'died' today. Like my flash dirve, somehow ironically, something happened internally and now it just smells of burning electrical components and I get an "I/O Error" if I try to use it on the PC. It wasn't expensive and it had a good run, but I need another one to keep me from going insane in college :P

I like the iPod nano, but from all of the problems I've heard (pants battery life, screen cracking, easy to scratch) it's put me off of them a bit. I'd like a player that has that element of interaction, such as the iPod's 'click-wheel', and a decent size, at least 2GB. Seeing as I now drive and the upkeep of a car is damaging to my bank balance, I have to watch what I spend, so I can't go OTT!

Any suggestions anyone?

Thanks :)

  rmcqua 22:07 26 Feb 2006

Creative players are well regarded for their audio quality.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:36 26 Feb 2006

I'm with rmcqua on this one; I've a creative Zen Micro which is wonderful. One major reason was that unlike the iPods, if the battery goes, you buy a new one and replace it.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:38 26 Feb 2006

Amazon.co.uk: Samsung YP-U1Q 2GB MP3 Player - Black: Electronics & Photo
click here

  Fateful Shadow 11:44 27 Feb 2006

Thanks for the advice so far.

My 'dead' MP3 player was a Creative make (Creative MuVo I think) and it was good for the time I had it. I like the look of the Zen players, but isn't the Zen Micro uber-small? I'm not to bothered if it's colour or not...I'll be listening to it, not looking at it :P

Thanks again :)

  rmcqua 14:30 27 Feb 2006

Further to my above, I don't have a wide experience of MP3 players but, from my son's use of them over the past couple of years, the only brand I would not touch again is Packard Bell - mediocre audio quality and two players both went dead within 3 months of purchase.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:45 27 Feb 2006

My zen micro is not uber-small - smaller than a pack of 20 cigarettes but not much.

Anyway, I got mine in Staples for £72 (reduced from £139 to £80 as clearance item and then I got 10% off for buying a display item!

I saw it mentioned on click here
HotUKDeals a site worth keeping an eye to for bargains.

  Fateful Shadow 20:23 27 Feb 2006

Did your's come with an AC adapter/charger? I've looked at loads of MP3 players and they don't seem to have them, which is annoying because I don't want to have to start up my computer every time I want to charge my player...

  Fateful Shadow 21:47 27 Feb 2006

I've done it...went with a Creative Zen Touch from Komplett.co.uk

At first I was a little weary about them (as I've never heard of them before) but many people on this forum and others say it is a good and reliable shop. Only cost £20 more than the micro, got 5x the storage and a Universal adapter.

Thanks for all the advice :)

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