Good Morning NTL

  Pesala 05:52 23 Jun 2004

Tried to access my NTL webspace this morning. Either the server is having big problems or they removed my webspace. Whatever next? See my earlier thread on my problems with NTL: click here

  Falkyrn 07:03 23 Jun 2004

Looks like server problems .... I just checked my homespace to find ..nothing ... the files I had there have gone.

  Pesala 07:31 23 Jun 2004

On the morning of Wednesday 23rd June between midnight and 6am, the following work will take place:- Network upgrades in the Seven Kings and Waltham Park areas may result in a loss of service for some customers in those areas.

I live in Seven Kings. Hopefully, the upgrade will fix the problems I have been having.

  Pesala 18:15 23 Jun 2004

They had failed to transfer my webspace to the new account. No notification. Nothing. I tried calling but gave up after jumping through half a dozen hoops without speaking to anyone. Entered my non-existent home phone number twice (mobile nos are not accepted). Decided to give Broadband Medic a try first.

No problems. Got a reply in reasonable time. They got my details and promised to transfer my webspace to the new account. Waiting for an email to confirm that it has been done.

  Pesala 12:08 24 Jun 2004

I tried again today. Learnt that old username is locked in to the database and could take weeks or months to fix if I want to retain the old username.

I now have a new username and have to upload my stuff again and update any links in several different forums.

  RAnlauf 16:09 24 Jun 2004

It seems major ISPs are trying to get away with blatant disregard for their long-standing customers. After more than 7 years, we have been disconnected without any prior warning whatsoever. When calling ntl’s Customer Service three times, we were promised a call back with explanation; emails were never replied to.

Eventually, by remaining stubborn, we were finally connected to someone who knew how to deal with customers, so we learned that ntl had discontinued offering pay-as-you-go DUN. A simple apology was all that ntl could muster up.

We have now taken our business elsewhere,

  Pesala 10:19 27 Aug 2004

Couldn't get on line this morning. Eventually called NTL. Got cut off by my mobile after 25 minutes. Called again. Learnt that my account had been diconnected (AGAIN). Whatever next?

Finally sorted it out after nearly an hour and another £13 in mobile phone call charges.

Who do I write to? I want compensation for the inconvenience and costs incurred. Total mess up by NTL that I had to sort out. My brother and I spent many hours sorting out their previous mess with multiple accounts. Now this again.

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