A good linux dual boot?

  RJS13 10:07 03 Aug 2009

Recently I have wanted to try out linux ubuntu but cant find a decent site or magazine that has a dual boot program can you recomend any?

  MrNewName 10:55 03 Aug 2009

Ubuntu forums is the best place to look.

click here

  dms_05 10:56 03 Aug 2009

Ubuntu (and the very nice Mint Linux derivative) include a program that allows you to run either from within Windows, take a look at click here . This program runs when the Ubuntu/Mint LiveCD is inserted in your CD/DVD drive and offers you an option to install within Windows. The advantage is you don't need to partition your drive and if you decide to stop using Linux then you simply use the Windows Add/Remove programs option from Control panel.

When you have installed Ubuntu or Linux Mint with wubi / mint4win then your computer will dual boot and offer you Windows or Linux before any OS loads.

I'm using Mint Linux loaded by this route for this posting. It's a simple and easy way to give Linux a try - it is only marginally slower than a complete install in a Linux partition.

  scotty 17:39 03 Aug 2009

The normal program to use is GRUB. This is provided with the linux installation disc. The method to use depends on the version of windows you are using. Do a google search for GRUB ubuntu and XP or Vista and you will find instructions.

  DieSse 22:07 03 Aug 2009

When you install most versions of Linux (and I agree Mint is great - it's the one I've adopted) on a system that already has XP installed then -

You need to make or allocate a partition (or add a drive) for it to install into.

It will detect the existing Windows installation and offer to install GRUB automatically, which gives you the dual-booting. Mine did exactly that, totally painlessly.

As another alternative, you can install a virtual machine into windows, and install Linux in the virtual machine.

In my Linux, I've installed Virtualbox - and installed XP into Linux, as an experiment. Normally I just use the GRUB dual-boot.

  ronalddonald 23:55 03 Aug 2009

search type in linux anyone, that's my post sometime this year. from there i downloaded linux mint and that's what ive been using you will also find ubuntu in the post as you go through that post.

  ronalddonald 23:57 03 Aug 2009

just burn to disc and then run it it should tell you how to partition as well as do a dual boot.

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