Good flat screen monitor

  kiddgame2000 18:18 16 Feb 2007

Im looking for a good flat screen monitor around the 20-21 inch region.
Would anyone have any suggestions?
It will mainly be used for gaming and watching dvd's.


  wjrt 18:56 16 Feb 2007
  GaT7 21:01 16 Feb 2007

Cheaper link for the LG L204WT - £201.75 (incl del) click here / Review click here

Also consider (all incl del):

Acer AL2016W 20.1" - £160 click here

Samsung SM204BW 20" - £176.23 click here

Samsung SM205BW - £198 click here / Collect in store £190 click here) / Review click here

22" TFTs - as they may fall within your budget (all incl del):

Belinea Artistline 2225S1/W 22" - £200 click here / Review

Xerox XM3-22WB 22" - £212 click here

Video 7 V7L22WD 22" - £221 click here

Benq FP222WA 22" - £233 click here


  palinka 19:19 17 Feb 2007

Strongly advise that you actually see them operating before buying - even if that means a trip to the high street and then ordering online.Apart from cost, reliability, appearance, you will find that there are some you just can't live with how3ver "good" they are.
eg. can you raise /lower monitor height? are speakers built in? how fiddly (or otherwise ) is it to adjust screen settings? does the screen pivot? I mention these because they were all factors in our choice of monitor recently.

  Totally-braindead 20:32 17 Feb 2007

I agree with palinka I've seen some TFTs that got good reviews but didn't find the picture all that pleasing, its a personal preference thing as far as I am concerned.

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