Good duplicate photo finder program?

  Halling 16:26 01 Jun 2013

I´m trying to find a program that helps me locate similar images on my computer (same image in different resolution, images from the same photo session etc).

There exist many programs like this, I have tried and are using some of them. But I have a special demand that I have not managed to find any program to fulfill. I want to limit the search result to only list duplicates that are in different folders!

Because I have a lot of photo sessions, several pictures of the same thing, organized in the same folder. I can have 50 pictures of a landscape taken with different camera settings etc in the same folder, sequentially named (IMG01, IMG02, IMG_03...). This is fine, I know about these duplicates, I don´t want them in my search result. I only want in my search results if the similar picture is found in another folder.

Anyone know of a duplicate photo finder program that have this function?

  mole1944 06:03 02 Jun 2013

Try "visipics", less quotes its free see if this helps.

  HondaMan 14:44 02 Jun 2013

Duplicate Photo Finder by WebMinds, Inc. Search for Duplicate Photo Finder

  Halling 17:30 02 Jun 2013

Thanks for the tips.

I installed VisiPics as it had a documented "between folders" function. But it works kind of crappy. It only treats folders you manually add as different folders, subfolders are not considered to be different folders.

If, for example I select to search the folder C:\ for duplicates and select the "between folders only" option I will always get zero hits, because according to the program all images are in the same folder, they are all in the folder "C:\".

To actually search between folders I need to add each and every sub folder of C:\ individually. And that is just not feasible to do...

Duplicate Photo Finder I can find no documentation about having this between folders setting. Are you sure it has this? I don´t want to install a lot of programs just to test and then uninstall them when they are not working, it just messes up the computer...

  Woolwell 12:44 03 Jun 2013

Awesome Duplicate Finder does it and is what I use.

  mole1944 06:29 06 Jun 2013

Thanks woolwell, yours is better than mine, i was given visipics a couple or so years ago, once again thankyou

  Halling 11:56 08 Jun 2013

I installed ADF, but it dosn´t have any setting for searching between folders only. So far I only have found VisPics have this feature. Have discovered VisPics hangs a lot though. Large quantities of data need to be divided to smaller chunks for VisPics to handle them. So I´m still searching for the ultimate program...

  Woolwell 13:21 08 Jun 2013

I don't understand your last post as with Awesome Duplicate Finder you select 1 folder then the other and it compares.

  Woolwell 14:58 08 Jun 2013

I have just done a test with Awesome Duplicate Finder. I have 2 folders - one with edited photos and one with the original photos. I chose both folders and compared and it found the duplicates.

  Halling 15:31 08 Jun 2013

But if you read my original post you see my demand is for the program to ignore similar pictures in the same folder, just list similar pictures in different folders.

Example below, Pic A is similar to Pic a, and Pic B is similar to Pic b.

Folder 1:

- Pic A - Pic a - Pic B

Folder 2:

- Pic b

I want the program to find/report Pic B = Pic b only. And not report Pic A = Pic a.

As my "Folder 1" has hundreds of similar images (photo sequences) that I know about and want to keep, I just want to know about "Pic b" that is in a different folder. But in ADF, just like in 99% of the other programs on the market it also reports the "Pic a", thus drowning out the result I´m really looking for.

  Woolwell 15:51 08 Jun 2013

You can limit it to 100% the same but clearly that is not what you want.

I suspect that there isn't a program that does exactly what you want. I use careful folder/sub-folder construction for my thousands of photos.

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