good budget gaming desktop, which i can upgrade

  bretjones 11:37 22 May 2007

im looking for a decent budget desktop which i will be able to upgrade in the future, i must be able to play decent games (rome total war for example) on decent settings. im thinking maybe this:

click here

any suggestions would be appreciated, but the total budget, (if including monitor) must be under 400 pounds. thanks in advance. :)

  Totally-braindead 12:02 22 May 2007

Don't know if the graphics would be up to it to be honest, and the problem with adding a graphics card later on to a branded PC like this is power supply. In common with most branded PC manufacturers Dell are a bit skimpy with the power supplies they fit, the PC will run ok even if you add more memory and another hard drive but it might not be powerful enough to power a decent graphics card, if not then you would need to buy a new one.
Its good value don't get me wrong its just you're asking quite a lot for the budget.
It does at least appear to have a PCI Express slot so you can upgrade the graphics card later if you wish even if you do have to replace the power supply as well.

  Starfox 13:39 22 May 2007

Have a look at click here

I can certainly recommend them, a good company to deal with and quality products. To be honest you will struggle to play the latest games with that budget but it is possible.

  bretjones 18:20 22 May 2007

its just that right now, im using a 2 year old (400 pound)laptop, so if i can buy now to just play the games, then upgrade later, then i will. im not a very good saver.

thanks for that link starfox, i think i might go for the amd x2 deal, it seems pretty good value to me (with my very limited knowledge)

i presume that this system is easily upgradeable?

thanks for your replies guys! :)

  bretjones 18:31 22 May 2007

ok, another noob question here:

what is more important for SMOOTH running of games?

i always though it was ram, then figured that out the hard way when i bought an extra 1gb for my laptop, this had very little effect on my gaming (as you would probably guess).

now i'm sort of torn between the processor and graphics card, which one should i focus more on?

  Alan H E 18:47 22 May 2007

Be careful with Dell upgrading can often only be done with parts ordered through them as others won't fit. Look at Novatechs range.

  Starfox 18:53 22 May 2007

Yes, very easy to upgrade.

As for games although more memory is better a good graphics card is important, Go for the best you can afford.

  bretjones 19:05 22 May 2007

what i was thinking see, is if i could skimp on ram for now (say 512mb), then upgrade later when i could afford it and actually get a decent set (say 2x 1gb).
skimping on the memory will allow me to get a better graphics card or processor, which i would think was more important?

at the moment i just want something i can play on, until i get a bit more money together.

  Starfox 19:49 22 May 2007

Think you could just about get away with 512mb as the minimum of ram as most modern games give that as the minimum for system requirements, 1gb would be better if you could afford it and ample for most games.

  bretjones 21:53 23 May 2007

another question...

how important is a dual core processor? are they as important as i seem to be hearing on every advert on the net?
and is it easy to upgrade a processor, or would it be easier to just upgrade it with the rest of the system?

  Totally-braindead 22:04 23 May 2007

bretjones its not that differcult to upgrade a processor but there are certain problems. Firstly whatever you upgrade it to has to be a processor that the motherboard will support and if the processor needs faster memory you might need to buy that as well. Physically changing a processor is not that differcult its know what processor goes with what memory and if the motherboard will support them memory and the processor, that to me is the differcult bit.

A dual core processor is not essential but considering the price of some of them its not that pricey to get a dual core as to a single core processor. If you buy a cheaper one now and upgrade later it will just cost more money as you'll get very little for the old processor.

Look at this months PCA magazine as an example, in the sub £500 PCs two of the five are dual core and the others are single core.

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