The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  flecc 18:20 17 Jan 2003
  flecc 18:20 17 Jan 2003

The good. Ordered a couple of laser toner cartridges online from Dabs Bolton warehouse at quarter to six last night, and signed for them at home on the Surrey border at half past eight this morning. Well done Dabs and Parcelforce, and this follows two other similar displays of excellence on their behalf.

The bad. Went to PC World, Croydon for some network items. Didn't have the switch I wanted but had an alternative which would do. But the CAT 5 cables? No chance, none at all of any size. Just like their KVM switches, they've got those but never stock the cables so never sell the KVMs.

The ugly? For the third time Simply ignored an online order for components even though they agree they received it, just took no action whatsoever. Staggering! How they can even admit to this is beyond belief. Strangely, their computer supply side is OK.

  Newuser38 18:41 17 Jan 2003

Hi Flecc good to see you again.

The Bad seems to vary ( too much) between branches. Both of the ones I deal with now have KVM switches and cables, partly I suspect because I asked a Duty Manager if PCW sold standard KVM's, they had plenty of reverse ones, she could not find it on their stock computer but the next time I went in they had switches and cables!

  flecc 18:49 17 Jan 2003

I've trid that approach but it didn't work with Croydon, unless you count the fact that their cable stocks have reduced substantially since! Revenge? Whatever, the KVM boxes get more tatty with handling and they don't seem to move. At least I've got a Maplins locally who do stock all these cables, and a bit cheaper too, just less convenient parking.

CAT 5 cables though? No chance it seems. Probably couldn't cope with the variety of lengths needed to be stocked, but what's the point of pretending to sell networking gear if those aren't stocked.

  spikeychris 19:41 17 Jan 2003

Hi Tony

I have four 2 meter CAT5 patch cables, three half metre and one 1 metre. Say the word, email me and there yours...


  spikeychris 19:42 17 Jan 2003

meter = metre

  flecc 20:18 17 Jan 2003

Oh dear, it was two metres that I wanted too, but I've managed to get them Chris. Thanks all the same though.

All caused by commissioning new computer and including it in the network. SPEEDOS OK with top Athlon XP, PC 2700 DDR, Radeon 9700 and Audigy 2 so up to coping with today's best hardware, but it was sniffy about the 48 x 16 x 48 CD Writer at first. Seems OK with it now though, wrote a music CD a short while ago in an impossibly quick time, but made coasters even quicker yesterday! Already I'm shouting at the the 1gb Athlon machine to get a move on! Funny how quickly we get used to the extra speed.

  spikeychris 20:38 17 Jan 2003

You can't even give stuff away nowadays ;o)


  Rtus 11:36 19 Jan 2003

Ok Sell em me instead..

  Rtus 18:39 22 Jan 2003

ypou comment on Simply ignoring your order .Reminds me of My oder to them for a printer ,I had acknowlement of order by email etc.. But after 10 days had gone by I checked by asking their support crew Whats happening .Rely was they had cancelled as not in stock ..Nice if they had informed me too.They lost my custom at that point, I ordered from elsewhere and it arrived next day.. Then theres Ebuyer who now not only have abandoned thier support thread here but no longer have contact via email Its all by enotes instead .And if they think they have answered you to solve the problem They close any form of reply to them..Adding further notes on the subject are dismissed/deleted..I say this as you cant find them ever again ..Their phone support line refers you back to the web page no coices in menu at all ..Odd actions for a company that wants to sell computer products..

  Rtus 18:44 22 Jan 2003

ypou ..oder..Rely = your..order..Reply ....No comment >>fingers just came home..ME

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