Gold stars!!

  Eagie 12:57 08 Feb 2003

I have been on this forum before moaning about lack of service from a computer retailer so I thought I would balance it out with some praise.

PC World:

I bought my PC from PC World just under a year ago and have been quite happy with it until, a couple of weeks ago, the hard drive completely failed. I was thinking about buying a larger drive anyway so I decided to go down that route. After installing my new drive and discovering that my old drive would reinstall via windows as I had hoped I contacted PC world support. They talked me through a few things in a friendly manner but decided that the problem was not fixable over the phone. Two working days later an engineer came around to look at my machine and came to the conclusion that the hard drive was completely dead. He installed a new drive and set up the dos partition. He started to format it in windows and left it whilst it finished. He did call me later however to make sure everything had worked properly and that I was happy with it all.

Top service for a large company - which isn't always what you hear.

Having ordered a few things from Dabs I have to say that there response has always been fantastic. All my orders have turned up within two working days (even when I have ordered late in the day). Admittedly I only order items in stock but I still find them really good.

I am still trying to contact another company who let me down many weeks ago with no luck so it is nice to have a few companies that I feel I can rely on.

  spuds 13:47 08 Feb 2003

As the old saying goe's.Some you win,some you loose. But it is very nice when all goe's well,as Eagie as stated.

  RomQ 00:02 09 Feb 2003

Sounds like they both deserve a review at Feedback Arena click here <hint> :-)

  Eagie 00:55 09 Feb 2003

Thanks RomQ. I have submitted my reviews and ratings.

  RomQ 01:18 09 Feb 2003

Many thanks, Eagie. It all helps to give firms a balanced rating.

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