Going to buy a laptop for gaming/business purposes

  fonzerelli_79 07:43 08 Jan 2004

hey all

im going self employed in a few weeks time - im a freelance web designer and run a lot of websites etc.

Ive budgeted myself for 2000 pounds for a good pc and a good laptop (in addition to my aging duron 900!)

Im gonna build the pc myself but obviously i will need to buy the laptop from a company. Battery life and laptop weight arent too important because the laptop will primarily be used for my business though i will be using it whilst travelling ocassionally. The laptop will need to be powerful as i sometimes have up to 10 ram hungry programs open at the same time plus im hoping to hook the laptop and pc's up to play games when im not working.

Here are some questions that i have (also note that ive read every review here and on whatpc etc so no need to send me a link there - thanks) :

* Tower PC : for my tower pc im gonna buy a 17 or perhaps 19 inch lcd monitor - i want usb connectivity if possible, integrated speakers and dvi connections. I am willing to pay up to 600 quid for a 19inch monitor.
* Laptop : i quite like the look of the mutilivision and evesham laptops and have read a lot of favourable reviews on this site. dell and mesh have some nice laptops as well - has anyone bought a laptop from any of these companies recently or any other companies. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Ive also had a look at all the new centrino technology laptops - very very nice but they dont seem powerful enough

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Tend not be be brilliant for gaming, due to the graphics chipset's that are built on.

The best laptop's i have seen for gaming though are buy a company called alienware, and they are very pricey for the top of the range one's.

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  fonzerelli_79 12:46 08 Jan 2004

im actually in the phillipines at the moment and the majority of pc magazines are from the us and alienware has adverts in all of them - yeah theyre pricey but damn they are good - i didnt realise they sold in the uk though

  fonzerelli_79 12:50 08 Jan 2004

doh - just answered my own question!
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  johnnyrocker 12:52 08 Jan 2004

click here for pc build click here for laptopr or click here for laptop.


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