Going to America

  STREETWORK 22:22 17 Mar 2007

I am off to the US soon and thinking about getting buying Vista, either upgrade from XP or a full package.


1. Will it work here in Blighty?
2. Will I get caught out by any charges?
3. If so how much do you think?

  Pamy 22:48 17 Mar 2007

1. A progs as prog, a computer is a computer
2. how good a smugler are you
3. if you cant do the time don;t do the crime

  lotvic 23:01 17 Mar 2007

click here
quote: "UK's Revenue and Customs has confirmed that you can bring back a copy of Vista legally from the States without paying any customs duty or VAT on it."

  Flak999 23:54 17 Mar 2007

1. yes it will!
2. No you wont!
3. see answer to no.2!

I'm doing the same, a friends buying it for me. dont get ripped off here in the UK!

  Forum Editor 01:12 18 Mar 2007

I was there last week, and saw people buying it in the airports. I didn't buy any copies myself, but I know of several people who did. One man on my flight back was installing it on his laptop as we flew.

  Flak999 01:34 18 Mar 2007

If you have the money and the inclination you could buy two or three copies bring them back and ebay them, help someone over here! You could undercut the UK price considerably and make a bit of profit for yourself!

  terryf 02:02 18 Mar 2007

Anybody have any idea on likely charges if a relative sends a copy through the post? say from Canada where the price on some websites is around CA$159 = £69?

  STREETWORK 08:04 18 Mar 2007

Well, I keep my copy of PCA for the quite Sundays and lo and behold all I need to know was in it about buying in the States.

Selling on ebay seems a good idea and I need to consider that one, if I buy five I get one free.

Now making my list...

  chub_tor 15:00 18 Mar 2007

But you are limited to goods to a total value of £145. Above that limit if you get caught by customs - and yes all suitcases are x-rayed and some opened by both US and UK customs (and they talk to each other) you will have to pay VAT, Duty and possibly a fine. You also run the risk of having all 6 copies confiscated.

I travel to the States 2 or 3 times a year and it is a 50/50 chance that when I open my suitcase I find a Customs sticker inside to say that my case has been examined by US Customs.

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