glimmer of hope for agp

  citadel 17:14 22 Nov 2006

there could be agp geforce 8 gpus with dx10.

  Kate B 17:16 22 Nov 2006

Really? That sounds a bit like putting a Porsche engine in a Ford Escort to me. Still, good news for those with older motherboards.

  citadel 20:08 22 Nov 2006

they are doing some wizardry to shift the work load.

  ulrich 20:51 22 Nov 2006

Can you get a Porsche engine in a Fiesta?

  gudgulf 22:19 22 Nov 2006

You'd be surprised and quite possibly embarassed in the if one of these clapped out old Escorts pulled away from you at the lights click here

Same power and weight as an Imprezza WRX....and you wouldn't call one of those slow,would you!

There are some very powerful computers out there still on AGP.

And I would like to know,and this is a genuine question,exactly how much of the PCI-e x16 bandwidth is utilised by the latest fastest graphics cards?

If anyone knows the answer please post it.

Everyone seems to assume that just because it says x16 it is running faster than (AGP)x8.

But is that really the case?

To be honest I don't think that high end gaming or high performance market would be the target......most people interested in that would jump to the new technology as soon as they could.

But with Vista and DirectX 10 round the corner low to mid range AGP 8xx cards on otherwise sound systems would seem to me to be a good Idea.

You could then get the full Vista experience without a new pc.

If someone DID make an AGP bridged 8800GTX I would be very interested to see how different the benchmark results are, compared to PCI-e.

I doubt we will ever know!

  De Marcus™ 23:11 22 Nov 2006

I've never come across a game that has utilised AGPx8 to anywhere near it's full extent to date, and I don't expect it to do so for 2 or 3 years yet. I have this same arguement all the time in Maya forums and the outcome is always the same, PCI-E isn't all it promises to be, but does give you a platform with which you can upgrade but only in the short term, as PCI-E motherboards are also tied to CPU performance, which is ever changing.

A few articles, (whilst they may be old) found click here and click here are worth reading.

And to quote someone from another forum "The point is, it doesn't matter. They both perform the same for now so performance isn't an issue. There are other factors though...

1.) PCI-e offers the longest and best upgrade path. AGP is a dead end.

2.) PCI-e has a wider variety of high end cards available than AGP

3.) PCI-e allows dual-video cards for SLI

4.) PCI-e offers greater "theoretical" potential than AGP. Perhaps it will become useful soon.

5.) There's no way to escape PCI-e if you are upgrading your motherboard. All new chipsets have it."

  gudgulf 23:44 22 Nov 2006

Thanks for that....I'll investigate those links.

It's good to hear from someone who thinks along similar lines to in answer to your points (er and I've added another one):

1) True

2) True

3) True

4) True

5) Not quite true.....I'm shortly going to transplant my Gainward BLISS 7800GS+ (AGP) and DDR400 memory onto one of these click here with the Core2 Duo 6300 cpu.Then in time ugrade to a PCI-e directX 10 card when my Gainward becomes woefully inadequate!

An interim upgrade......but at around £165 it will be a decent improvement over my P4 3.2GHz and wont rais too many complaints from my wife.

6) PCI-e is a truly two way interface which will help as applications are developed that use the GPUs processing power for things other than games such as click here

Yep PCI-e is the way forward.......but that should not mean that older hardware should be consigned to the scrap heap immediately.

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