GioInternet migration to CustomNET

  slysy 17:26 16 Dec 2004

I have just received the following email from CustomNET:

To All GIO Customers

Transfer and Migration of all Existing GIO Customers to CustomNET

Further to the recent GIO announcement, CustomNET are pleased to confirm that the transfer of approximately 1,350 Telefónica UK based DSL subscribers are scheduled to take place immediately. CustomNET and Telefónica UK are working to ensure a seamless transition and the switchover will occur with no downtime for affected users. All access details will remain as before, although CustomNET have a number of special offers available for migrated subscribers including Free access (normally £34.99) to The Football League's Club World interactive subscription service offering football highlights, commentary and club specific e-mail addresses to all transferred subscribers. This is a club specific service allowing customers to watch their own clubs weekend highlights and listen to live match commentary on-line.

This seamless migration will ensure that all migrating customers are not affected by transfer downtime that will be incurred when switching to an alternative broadband supplier.

Please note that this transfer bears no cost whatsoever to the end user.

CustomNET, a Surrey based ISP, have over 15 years experience within the communications industry and takes pride in its customer care and support services. As specialists in providing IP/DataStream based DSL services, CustomNET are ideally placed to continue delivering excellent service to all migrated users.

CustomNET and Telefónica UK will continue to maintain its high quality service and customer experience providing its customers with continuous value added services.

To transfer your existing GIO service to CustomNET please email us at:

[email protected]

Alternatively you can visit us at click here

We look forward to welcoming you to CustomNET

Firstly I am a little alarmed that we have not been given any indication of this previously from Giointernet.
Secondly, there is no indication of this on either the GIO or CustomNET sites.

I have tried to conatct both companies via the numbers supplied on their site and as usual, no response.

So at the moment I have no idea if this is a real migration or a spoof to move to a different isp, that actually charges more for the 1mb package i already have with Gio.

If this really is a seamless migration, then why do I have to email or visit their site to do this? especially as the link they supply only points to their home page.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  cadley 16:59 17 Dec 2004

It is a totaly different company and they will honour your price you have with got at the moment have to take out a full 12 month contract

  cadley 17:00 17 Dec 2004

Oh and they did answer the phone!!!

  slysy 22:04 17 Dec 2004

My point is, that out of the blue, I have been approached by a company I do not know and informed that they will be taking over my service and I need to register with them, yet still not receiving any correspondance from Gio.

I still do not know if this is a hoax.

Today I received the following from CustomNET:

Dear GIO Customers,

Further to our email yesterday advising you that GIO are moving all their DataStream ADSL customers to CustomNET, please be advised that GIO will no longer be providing a service to you from Wednesday the 22nd December.

All GIO customers on DataStream ADSL must transfer to CustomNET before this time if they wish to have NO INTERRUPTION to their service.

Once the deadline has passed reconnection is possible but will mean re-ordering of the service and a delay of up to 10 - 20 days before reconnection.

This will then probably incur additional costs.

If you wish to stay with GIO as your current ISP or move to a different ISP, then you need to contact them and re-order your connection after this date.

For more information please contact us 0845 4565286 or email [email protected]



  slysy 22:12 17 Dec 2004

Further to this posting, I have checked my agreement with GIO, it states below.

20.1a Has not been met by Gio
21 This has not been met by Gio
22 CustomNET state that they are not part of Gio or Hauka, so this must be wrong
23.2 Has been met by me, no mail from Gio

20. After the service has been activated

20.1 This contract can be ended by:

(a) either of us giving 28 days notice to the other; or

(b) you giving us seven days notice if under paragraph 21 we inform you we are increasing our charges or changing the conditions of this contract to your detriment.

20.2 If you give us notice that ends, or we end this contract under paragraph 15, during the first 3 months from the date that the service is activated and available for you to use (other than because we have increased our charges or changed the conditions of this contract to your detriment) you must pay all the relevant cancellation charges set out on our website and you will not be entitled to a refund of any amounts already paid by you.

20.3 If you have paid any charges for a period after the end of this contract beyond the 3 months referred to in paragraph 20.2, we will either repay these charges or put them towards any money you owe us.

Other things we need to tell you

21. How this contract can be changed

We may change this contract, including our charges, at any time. We will give you at least a month's notice of any changes before they take effect. As explained in paragraph 20, you can end this contract by giving us seven days notice if we increase our charges or change the conditions of this contract to your detriment.

22. How this contract can be transferred

Neither of us can transfer this contract or any part of it except that we can transfer all or part of it to a company that is a subsidiary or holding company of ours, or a subsidiary of that holding company (all as defined by Section 736 of the Companies Act 1985 as amended by the Companies Act 1989).

23. How to give notice

23.1 If either of us gives a notice to the other under this contract this must be done either by email using the service, or in writing and delivered by hand or sent by pre-paid post to the addressee at the following address:

(a) To us: at the postal address or email address shown on the appropriate web site or an alternative address which we may give you.

(b) To you: at the postal address you specify when registering for the service or an alternative address which you may give us, or at the email address provided to you as part of the service.

23.2 You are responsible for checking the mail sent to the email address provided to you as part of the service.

  slysy 22:16 17 Dec 2004

I have just received the following from Gio, they are in breach of terms no:22.

All other points indicate at least 28 Days notice must be given.

GioInternet are taking this opportunity to issue a service update with regard to provision of ADSL services on our current Datastream platform.

Following GioInternet's decision to concentrate on IPStream as opposed to Datastream, GioInternet have formally agreed migration of our Datastream customer base to ISP Customnet who will provide your ADSL platform going forward from 22nd December 2004.

As a result, from 16th December 2004 all Datastream customers effectively transferred to ISP Customnet for provision of ADSL services going forward.

Affected users should email Customnet directly to obtain a new username and password to access their Broadband connection before 22nd December 2004.

What you need to do now is click the email link below and forward your name, address and current ADSL product to them such that they can action this for you.

The email support address for this action is :- [email protected]

Alternatively contact Customnet customer support on :- 0845 456 5286

As a consequence GioInternet have taken the following immediate actions.

-We have suspended all billing of affected accounts from 16th December 2004 such that no further payments will taken by GioInternet for ADSL services on the current Datastream platform.

- We advise that all current ADSL users on Datastream need to ensure they have new access details from Customnet before Wednesday 22nd December in order maintain continuity of ADSL connection going forward.

-We will assist where possible to enable transition of GioInternet customer base to new provider Customnet as effectively as possible.

For and on behalf of,


  slysy 08:59 18 Dec 2004

Typical, Gio sends out the emails at the close of business on a Friday knowing full well that they are closed over the weekend!!!!

As for the 0845 456 5286 number for CustomNet, this is just a poorly made answering machine with no chance to talk to someone.

FE, if you read this can you recommend a course of action please.
How can they be allowed to give 3 working days notice that they are transferring our accounts.
They have breached the terms of our contract.



  cadley 11:14 18 Dec 2004

We now have four e-mails from Gio all saying the same thing as yours and the one from customnet, we did manage to phone the number at customnet and get an answer yesterday and they will migrate you free and honour your price with gio but you have to have a 12 month contract, they have nothing to do with and are not part of Gio and they have no idea what Gio is doing even they have difficulty contacting them.
Customnet address is

1 Tait Road
and there is a customer support number
0845 456 0785
Haven't tried it so I don't know if it will do any good
I have asked to be transfered and am waiting for a reply so will let you know what happens next

  spuds 11:20 18 Dec 2004

slysy-- You have another post running click here and as mentioned, it would appear that the above quick fix solution is one option. NetServices who provide Gio with the broadband service connection are in dispute with Gio over financial arrangements. Subsequently they will or have suspended Gio broadband connection, until the matter is resolved.Gio's terms and condition may longer apply, due to third party actions.

  slysy 11:23 18 Dec 2004

I will keep this thread running as the main psoting.

Cadley, other information available at click here
but i will close this.

also please see click here

  wee eddie 11:42 18 Dec 2004

I think you have missed the point.

They are going belly-up.

Their main Creditor has gone to the trouble to organize your transfer to another supplier on the same terms. They have probably made an arrangement with that supplier which will allow them to recoup some of what Gio owes them.

Think lucky. You could have been dumped with nothing. What about those poor Courts customers who paid up-front for their furniture!

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