getting rid of Microsoft packages

  steve263000 06:52 31 Jan 2009

I am thinking of getting rid of the Works and Word and Excel that I have in the computer and either going 'cloud' with my Google email address or installing open office. What does the forum think of these ideas?

  tullie 07:11 31 Jan 2009

Lots of people use open office,or other free word processors,bit early for me to know what you mean by Cloud?

  Forum Editor 08:14 31 Jan 2009

installed what's the point of changing to Open Office? I can't see what your point is.

Open Office is an excellent application but so is Microsoft Office. It's the market leader, and if you already have it you'll gain absolutely nothing by installing something else.

  tullie 08:37 31 Jan 2009

Good point FE

  john bunyan 09:04 31 Jan 2009

Been with Lotus (Wordpro, 123, Freelance)for over 20 years - still OK but should I re - learn with MS? If you have MS why change?

  tullie 11:18 31 Jan 2009

I much prefered the Lotus products JB.

  steve263000 07:37 01 Feb 2009

The FE of course makes an excellent point, it is just that I do not use a great deal of this package at home these days as most of my office type work is done while I in work. I just use it to write the odd letter and save a few Excel files. I just wondered if the MS office pack was much of a resource hog for memory etc.

As for 'cloud' tulie that is using online resources and saving and writing using tools such as Google spreadsheets and word type document tools.

  100andthirty 08:49 01 Feb 2009

If you have the MS software it's harmless. if you only want it on the odd occasion when you need it, then you could untick any MS office or MS works entries in the startup tab of msconfig.

when the time comes that your software is so old as to need an upgrade, then you have the choice of other systems. It is awfully convenient to have the same look and feel between work software and home. I installed Open Office, but paid for MS Office as i was fed up with having to spend ages on the help screens of Open Office to find the slightly different ways to do things!

  DippyGirl 12:27 01 Feb 2009

For info, the lotus products, in a new incarnation are now available for free from IBM as Lotus Symphony click here Not sure if compatible with old files (havent got a PC with a floppy drive anymore)

Agree with what has been said if you have the M$ stuff why change? If you are starting afresh take a look at OO and Symphony and go with what sits happiest

  Stuartli 16:20 01 Feb 2009

An excellent basic word processor is Jarte:

click here

It's based on WordPad but also compatible with Word.

  interzone55 18:08 01 Feb 2009

Lotus Symphony is simply a clone of OpenOffice - it has a weird tabbed interface, and when I tried it the whole suite was painfully slow...

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