Getting It off my chest

  rupie 21:11 12 Oct 2004

Here Is a copy of a letter I sent to an internet based computer supply company. Tell me what you think. Sorry it is a little long. I have also omitted the vendors name to avoid bias but they are big

On the 1st October I ordered a mother board (Gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D), Ref. MICRO57619.
On the web site it said the item was available and normal delivery was between 1-3 days. I also noted that you had a phone number if there were any problems. I found this good and think it is important. The order was confirmed by e mail. On the afternoon of the 8th the item had not arrived. I logged onto the site to see that the item was still awaiting dispatch. I sent an e mail early afternoon, to see why, and there was no reply. I tried to phone up the relevant phone number and after 1.5hr of continual redial on my phone got through to a rep. He said that did not know why the board had not been dispatched but would get me one delivered on Monday. It was 1715, which was late and so I questioned the ability to do this but he guaranteed it would arrive on Monday. To be honest I did not think this would happen.

On Monday afternoon it had not arrived and so I tried to call. This time it took me about 45minutes to get through. I spoke to a different person who said that he did not know where the board was or when it would be delivered. He said it would be some time this week. He said that the board had been out of stock when I ordered it and that is why it took so long to arrive. I said that it was too late and that I did not want the board now. I expected the board, which was in stock to be delivered during the week before. I was told that the only way to cancel the board was by e mail and that the customer services man could not do this and he could not help me. I tried to send e mails for quite a time and they kept coming back to me as undelivered. I checked my Credit card and you billed my on Monday 4th. As you can imagine I was livid by this point. I could not cancel an item I did not need, had paid for and did not know when it was going to arrive. I took the decision to call again. It took another 1.5hr to get in contact again.

He told me that Orders are not cancelled by e mail and I should never have been told that and that he could not have guaranteed the item by Monday and don’t worry it may arrive

on Tuesday. If I did not want it just refuse the delivery. He also could not tell me where it was. Apart from that he could not help me and He said so. I said that I wanted to speak to someone senior in customer services He said that I could not do this as there was no one
there. But he did say that someone would contact me with out fail on Tuesday; guess what – no contact has been made. No email and no calls to the phone I called you on.
You have my e mail address as an order confirmation was sent and my phone has a number log and answer phone.

To summarize: I was misled on the site, and confirmation. The delivery was late. The customer services promised a delivery they had no control over. Different people told me different things and they said I would be contacted I haven’t. I also had to spend 3hrs on the phone for the privilege of this abuse. The site has said the item has been available all week. You phone customer services for help and you just even angrier when they say there is nothing they can do or what they say is wrong.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:26 12 Oct 2004

There is little point in posting this without a name.


  Forum Editor 00:00 13 Oct 2004

there's no point in posting a problem unless you tell us who the online retailer is. I can understand your frustration, and you need to act on this, but tell us who the company is.

  rupie 21:21 13 Oct 2004

The company was Micro Direct. As the header suggested I just wanted to get it off my chest. I suppose that evertbody gets treated badly by someone, like the person the other day regards parcelforce. No company is perfect. The consumer gets angry when a fault is not resolved quickly and company in question does not communicate properly. Having read many similar reports, on this site I thing this is the core of the matter. Parcel forse and Micro Direct are big companies and so cannot be that rubbish. That is why the company name is not important I was just venting my fustration and other people probably love them. Failure to be told what is happening is so agrivating or failing to meet promises. Also the new breed of customer services, in call centres, that are just ther to listern and be shouted at but can only do limited things, is probalny doing more harm than good

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