Getting Broadband Connected After Moving House

  bfoc 23:15 14 Aug 2006

My daughter has been with broadband and recently moved house. She informed them a week prior to moving and they said it would take up to 12 working days to make the transfer.

It is now over two weeks since she moved and she has not been connected. She spoke to them on Saturday and they said there was a problem when they tested the new line. She contacted BT and they assured her there was no problem, it was just up to to make the request.

Today she contacted 3 times and BT 3 times. insists that the phone number and postcode are not linked in the BT database and so they can't place the order. BT insists they are, and have been for a while. say all they can do is to try to make the order each day, BT say they just need to contact them if there is a problem.

This seems to be just going round in circles. I have used a couple of BB checkers and they report that:
"There appears to a compatibility issue with your phone line. This could be caused by an existing DSL connection, ISDN, a DACS unit, TPON, a pending ADSL order or many other common issues. This will need to be resolved before ADSL can be supplied to your line."

But this could, presumably, mean that the order is pending somewhere.

Has anyone any suggestions for cutting through this situation? Any help gratefully received.

  Forum Editor 00:13 15 Aug 2006

Think about it this way.......who - apart from your daughter - has the biggest vested interest in resolving this matter quickly? That should tell you where the maximum pressure should be applied.

  bfoc 06:56 15 Aug 2006

That, whom she is paying, would be interested in sorting this out ASAP. But they keep changing their story (it was a line problem, then another service attached to the line, then a 'secondary' service and finally it was this postcode/phone number link.) and all they seem to want to do is place the order on a daily basis.

When asked how long this could go on for and what else they can do, they have no answer!

  Stuartli 08:17 15 Aug 2006

Virgin on the ridicuous.

How long has the BB contract been in place for your daughter?

Seems to me that a change of ISP is on the cards.

  bfoc 08:55 15 Aug 2006

She has been with for about 10 months at her old address and BT insiste that the line at her new address has been 'ready' for BB for a week.

She wanted to stick with as they don't have a 12 Mth contract and hoped staying with same provider would be eaier!

  oresome 08:58 15 Aug 2006

"Virgin on the ridicuous."..............You can just tell that Stuartli was a journalist!

  anskyber 11:23 15 Aug 2006

Sadly FE is right. I had a similar experience when I moved house recently. Relentless determination is the only exasperating answer.

  bfoc 11:27 15 Aug 2006

It is the ISP (in this case who needs to sort this out?

  spuds 12:27 15 Aug 2006

If your daughter is being billed for the non-active service by Virgin, then quote the Supply of Goods and Services Act to them.

Trading Standards Information click here

  bfoc 18:06 15 Aug 2006

Virgin claim that she is not paying whilst not receiving the service.

BT have said they could install a 'new' broadband service 'within 5 days'. Virgin say it will take 7-10 working days from any problems with the line being sorted!

Round and round we go!

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