Gericom Laptop...Hummer model

  bummbliebee 13:24 21 Feb 2004

Just received an advert from Aldi Stores offering a Gericom Laptop with these features.
3.06Ghz Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor supporting Hyper threading 533Mhz FSB, with Apc and smart power, Multi format dvd burner from L.G., Wireless Lan 11Mbits via pcmcia card, Nvidia GeForce 128Mb FX5600, 15.1" SXGA display upto 1400x1050 pixels, 60Gb hard drive from Toshiba, 512Mb DDR Ram 333 Mhz, 3 in 1 card reader supports sd,ms and mmc cards, 16bit sound system, 4 usb 2.0 ports and firewire 1394, VGA out,mic in, line out and TV out s-video, 56k modem and thernet10/100Mbit, and a carry bag.
the software included with windows xp home edition is Pinnacle Studia 8.6 as well as Pinnacle instant CD\DVD 7.06, also Cyberlink Power DVD, and Norton antivirus 2004. At a price of £999.99.
At present I have a Dell worktop and was thinking about getting a laptop, the one I have described seems to be very good value, my question is, is it too good to be true?

  Stuartli 15:46 21 Feb 2004

I got the leaflet today (four page spread) at Aldi - plenty of customers were commenting on what a great buy it appeared.

Gericom claims to be the fifth largest European manufacturer and a top seller in Germany, its home country.

Can't see what the problem is in view of the price, especially as you get a two year manufacturer's warranty with helpline number, pick up and return service and insurace against sudden and unforeseen damage or destruction as well as non-delivery; cover against theft from the boot of a vehicle is added by filling in an online registration form at click here

However, I did find this............

click here

  rickf 15:52 21 Feb 2004

It will be gone before you know it. Queing up early is recommended. The specs are fantastic for the price. I have a Medion 15.2 widescreen, also previously sold from Aldi's and I have no regrets even though I bought mine from another vendor as I couldn't get one from Aldi's as it was sold out.

  Gaz 25 18:26 21 Feb 2004

Nice!!!!! UMmmmm.

  Dipso 23:15 21 Feb 2004

I am lucky and live in a town which has 3 Aldi stores within a few miles of each other

I managed to get one of the Medions, out last November, on the Saturday after release.

I am available to buy on your behalf for a small fee ;)

I must say, when I heard there was a laptop deal on, I presumed it would be a Medion again. Have Aldi switched allegiance?

  fpg 18:29 04 Mar 2004

I too thought of ordering this laptop (Aldi Stores up to Sat 6 March) but the forum postings from buyers are very mixed. GAZ 25 is v pleased with his, but problems on SOME laptops include non-UK plugs, dead pixels, failure with the 3D benchmark tests - pixels breaking up, one 3D score of 2623 only, ( but another 6726) and case getting hot.

Would you order one?

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