Gas set to rise up to 40%!

  brozzers 12:47 30 May 2008

Have you seen this? click here

I saw on TV this morning they were talkin about gas rising up to 40% and capped/fixed tarriffs being done away with. I think nows the time to switch to a capped tarriff before the rise in prices..

  MrCutter 15:31 30 May 2008

Demand outstrips Supply at the moment hence more ££££.

  ray7 17:08 30 May 2008

The biggect problem causing the huge rise in gas prices is not so much supply/demand, but the fact that gas prices are historically linked to oil prices. The huge demand for oil has caused the price to rocket, and because of this link, gas prices have also rocketed even though the production costs of gas
have not, thus providing an unearned bonus to the gas suppliers. Until this unnecessary link is abolished, I'm afraid we will continue to be at their mercyclick here

  lil27 19:32 30 May 2008


A few months back I received a letter from my Gas and Electricity supplier (Scottish Power) as my last capped offer was to end in april. It was a letter to ask me if i would like to go on a new fixed price offer for 3 years until 2011. The offer consisted of a slight increase to the standard tarrifs i was due to go on at the end of my capped offer. As this was an increase to the standard rates, i was relectant to pay more than i needed to and hence declined the new fixed price offer.

On reading your thread, and due to current news about everything going up in price, i today called scottish power to see if the fixed price offer was still availiable. They said no as the offer ended last friday.

I was told that i could go onto a discounted rate which is 3% cheaper for both gas and electricity than what is charged as standard (for a monthly direct debit account). I accepted as this is reduction to what i currently pay. I was also informed that a new fixed term offer will be announced in the next few weeks and i can switch to that should i wish. It will be interesting to see the charge rates for this new fixed tarrif and compare it to the offer that was available a few weeks back. I bet it will be for the same period of three years but at an increased rate to what was offered before.

I will let you know when i get details.

  BJN 06:51 31 May 2008

I to use Scottish Power and that fixed price offer is still showing up as available on line. login to your account on line and under the switch account option you'll find that fixed price offer still an option. It's not appearing as an option on gas & Electric offer on main page so not available to new customers. Try logging on and see if you can change via your account on line.

I requested an on line change to my account yesterday and on checking this morning they have changed me over to the fixed rate until Feb 2011.

This was the best on line fixed rate available and Martin Lewis (money saving expert on GMTV) said they where withdrawing this offer on Monday so act this weekend.


  lil27 09:28 01 Jun 2008

Thanks for the info. I registered and went through the process of changing my account and tried to select Fixed energy option with No standing Charge. On submission of the change, it came up with a problem stating unavailable. Looks like they have already with drawn it.

Cheers anyway. I will wait to see what new offers come out in the near future.


  MrCutter 09:50 01 Jun 2008

Demand outstrips supply hence costs going up.
This is something that may be we should get used to as with the developing coutries wanting more fuel/gas these hikes in prices will carry on.

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