gas box key

  ronalddonald 18:24 22 Jul 2010

i have to read the meter for the gas,

however the the meter is on the side of the house in a white box and is opened with some kind of key, does anyone have any idea how i can i get hold of this key.

The meter people seem to carry one buy need to get hold of one, i would be grateful where i can buy one.

  rdave13 18:48 22 Jul 2010

Contact your gas supplier, they should be able to send you one.

  Woolwell 19:10 22 Jul 2010

You can buy a meter box key. Homebase, B&Q, etc should stock them. You can find them online too.

  john 52 19:33 22 Jul 2010
  ton 20:56 22 Jul 2010

Thin nosed pliers will do it.

  wiz-king 22:10 22 Jul 2010

lenght of plastic tube approx 3/8" bore

  karmgord 23:39 23 Jul 2010

bought my universal key in Tescos
Less than £2

  rdave13 23:56 23 Jul 2010

My story is that I changed power suppliers. The new power supplier (gas and electricity) agent came about and promptly broke the 'lock' on the outside case for the gas meter. Not a problem for me but a problem for the other 'readers'.
So I duly informed them by email of this broken 'lock' after their first readers call.

By Royal Mail received two yellow 'gas' keys.
A bit useless when the 'lock' isn't there any more.
Gave them a ring under my own expense (very unusual) and talked to a human from these shores.
They'll sort it out.
Five years have gone by and now the meter readers know they need a penknife to open the cabinet since my 'repair' of the lock.
That is what I call deplorable service to customers.
The horrible thing is they're all the same.

  BRYNIT 00:25 24 Jul 2010

It would be cheaper to replace the lock yourself.

A quick search for parts found click here For the lock + postage it works out less than £5.

  sunnystaines 07:31 24 Jul 2010

short sharp thump and it should spring open.

  jack 09:09 24 Jul 2010

Of meter box doors wrecked.- I assumed 'bxxxxy' vandals what will they be up to next.

I watch any meter reader who comes to my house - he may prise off the under stairs cupboard door and trash the vacuum cleaner- to take a reading ;-}

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