Garmin Support no help with map problems

  cliff1960 15:51 06 Aug 2008

Hi all, I have a Garmin Nuvi 200 and have recently started a new job which involves driving a LWB (large) van and in the future possibly a 7.5 ton lorry. The problem I have is that the unit sends me down unpaved roads whatever settings I have i.e fastest route and avoidances set to on unpaved roads. A good example is from CB9 7XE to a London address W1T 2EP. My sat nav tells me to go left on A1017 and then right on Hill Lane which is a very narrow bendy 1 car lane. The sat nav has nearly had me stuck down roads, I've scratched the sides of the van with roadside bushes and the routes it sends me are definately not the fastest. Put the same route into the RAC and AA websites route finder and a TomTom and they all say to go right to the M11!! The Garmin has me driving through country villages. I contacted Garmin by telephone and was told there is nothing they can do as this is how the maps are set. I asked if this applies to all Garmin satnave or just the nuvi 200 and was told all. I then asked what drivers of articulated lorries did if they owned a Garmin and was told that the satnavs were an aid and should be used with conventional maps! I can only assume lorry drivers do not own Garmins. Does anybody know if this is correct and I have to read a map book (or buy a TomTom!). I'm not happy at all as I have also purchased the European maps. Could I get my money back as the setting clearly says no unpaved roads and has taken me down many so is therefore not doing waht it is supposed to?
Any help or suggestions appreciated.

  spuds 16:45 06 Aug 2008

I have and occasionally use a cheap Navman F20 which seems to work very well in direction finding.

There are units available that are recommended for HGV usage, but these tend to be in the higher price scale.

If you think that the unit which you have is not doing the job intended. Then why not have a word with the supplier, possibly noting 'not fit for the purpose' under consumer law, and especially if the unit is providing wrong directions. Assuming that you are setting the sat-nav up correctly for the routes you are seeking (ie the shortest route, may not always be the best route for a commercial vehicle).

  jack 17:04 06 Aug 2008

AZ does me
Sat Nav's!
Been in car where the driver is nagged turn here when we all new 'Oh no you don't

And people on the motorway out side lane hooking abrupt lefts to near side because the are told next exit!
Homework and common sense that the rule.
Stuff Sat Navs- another 'Must have' we can live without- certainly on road driving.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:47 06 Aug 2008
  cliff1960 08:42 07 Aug 2008

That is just what I need.
Beta, perhaps they should change the name from satellite navigation system to map assist or similar, at the very least do not have a setting for no unpaved roads and then be sent on unpaved roads! I understand they are not foolproof, but why sell a product in some cases in excess of £300 that does not consistently do what it is supposed to. If my washing machine didn't clean clothes I would expect my money back and I do not see the difference for this product. It does not do what it is supposed to and could cause accidents because of its faults. No where in the manual does it say "Make sure you read a map book before your journey" as obviously few people would buy it.

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