cherri 23:38 22 Dec 2005

I have not personally had any dealings with this company but I have had dealings with myDV, which is owned by the same person.

Stay away from this site!!!

  PaulB2005 23:43 22 Dec 2005

"Gardenready is temporarily not taking new orders. Rest assured that all existing orders will be delivered. Check back very soon! "

  cherri 23:48 22 Dec 2005

how do you know this PaulB2005

  GaT7 23:53 22 Dec 2005

Are you suggesting we stay away from the garden site (which is NOT computer-related) or MyDV (click here) which IS?

If you visit click here you'll see where PaulB2005 obtained the info he posted.

  PaulB2005 23:55 22 Dec 2005

I think both.

cherri - It's written on the site.

  cherri 23:58 22 Dec 2005

What I am saying is, I have been a victim of fraud by myDV and under further investigation I discovered that is owned by the same person. I am warning people that it is likely that if someone purchased an item from this site that they will ripped off as I was from myDV

  cherri 00:02 23 Dec 2005

Most companies are not taking orders now because they will not be at hand in time for Christmas.

I am trying to help people, I suggest you buy something from either site and find out for your self what I am talking about Crossbow7

  GaT7 00:24 23 Dec 2005

cherri, I wasn't doubting you so much, but rather more confused with what you actually meant. One doesn't visit a computer forum to discuss gardening or a garden site, do they?

You may well be right about the dubious nature of MyDV click here, but I think it was a bit hasty on your part to initially post allegations against a company without backing it up with any proof or unpleasant personal experience. I can see that you've done that now, & thanks for the alert : ) G

  Forum Editor 00:28 23 Dec 2005

has given me cause for concern.

You say "I have been a victim of fraud by myDV" but you give no details. Unless you do, I think we'll accept that you allege you have been a victim of fraud. Fraud is a serious offence, and you mustn't say it's happened unless you can prove it.

My cause for concern is that the two domain names mentioned are indeed registered to the same individual, one of them appears not to be online, and I am instinctively suspicious when a site says no more orders are being taken - and provides no further explanation.

Can you explain what has happened to you cherri?

  GaT7 00:31 23 Dec 2005

Ah, & you had earlier posted about MyDV as well click here. Things are clearer now. G

  Forum Editor 00:50 23 Dec 2005

a separate thread about this. Please don't post duplicate threads on the same subject - it leads to exactly the kind of confusion that's happened here.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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