Gaming PC <£900 ish

  YoungProdigy 19:50 15 Sep 2010

Hi guys,

Let me start off by saying that I know that there is a similiar thread to this but I also have no idea of what actual gaming system to buy and what specs are good and what's bad; what causes noise volumes ot rise and what doesn't etc.

I would like a quiet PC just like an ordinary PC. At the same time, I would like a nice gaming ring under £900 if possible.

I would like some up-to-date information on what's the best value for money gaming system or what the most powerful one is with a very low amount of noise :)

Thanks a bunch,

~ Prodigy.

P.S. Some advice as to what to look out for in a gaming PC would be nice ie. what processors are good and what's not.

Thanks and I appreciate it.

  KorgY 21:21 23 Sep 2010

Could try this one here for around £900 click here= for details

I got my new rig from Overclokcers, rather than elect a pc form shops such as cyberpowr/pcworld/Mesh etc. They Build them well, and overclock them for you too (3.20GHz @ 4.00GHz)

I have the high-end 980X i7 core, with GTX480 sli, and are very quite in "idle" mode. I would asuume the above pc i lunked - with a 4850 will be very quite. You can customise too.


  Richard-1464308 14:02 07 Oct 2010

I had great success with click here

Got this bad girl for £990
# MSI Intel P55 Chipset
# Intel i5 650 3.2GHz
# Uberware Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 768MB
# OCZ Platinum 4GB (2x2gb) DDR3
# WD Caviar Black 1TB
# OCZ Vertex 64GB
# LightScribe DVD+-RW 22x
# MSI 8-channel HD
# Coolermaster Elite 330
# 620W PSU

Other than that try overclockers maybe?

  phoenix198 23:04 14 Oct 2010

You say a 'gaming rig', but do you mean the full monty i.e base unit, monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse? Or just a base unit (with or without speakers)?

Makes a huge difference to what people might recommend at that price point ...

  GaT7 15:53 17 Oct 2010

YoungProdigy, to be very specific to your specific needs, the best quiet gaming system (assuming base unit only) would be to buy/get a:

+ Known quiet PC case with quiet fans. Or replace the case's fans with quieter ones
+ Known quiet PSU
+ Known quiet 3rd-party CPU cooler
+ Graphics card (GPU) with a quieter cooling solution (e.g. Sapphire Vapor-X series). Or a standard GPU & replace its cooler with a known quiet 3rd-party cooler
+ And possibly more sound-dampening for hard drive & case (budget permitting).

Of course, it all needs to fit into a specific & (possibly) limited budget, so you'll need to choose wisely between power & quietness - unfortunately both come at a premium. And you'll most probably have to choose the components & build it yourself.

One good thing with most games is that they are more graphics-intensive. In other words, your system can be average/above average, but if your GPU is good/very good, it can mean a world of difference. So forget about an extreme CPU, SSD hard drive, high-end RAM & similar (all of which can cost the earth for little gain), & build your system around the BEST GPU & overall system quietness you can afford for your budget.

DoomWeaver's system is good, but I doubt it will be especially quiet or very powerful in games. So as an example, you'll be excluding the SSD (OCZ Vertex 64GB) altogether & putting the money saved towards a quieter + better graphics card & quieter case. But it's very likely you will need to increase your £900 budget too. G

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