gaming PC help

  bounce44 15:23 15 Jun 2009

Hi, im looking for a little help in buying a gaming pc.
My budget is £700-£1000
Will be used only for gaming. Would i be best buying a already built gaming pc, or going down cougar extreme route and building my own. I have a custom made CE gaming pc before, and it was good.
But prices seem tad high right now.

What would i best doing, i know basics on pcs, all though no clue on motherboards.

Anye helpful links or advise on what to buy would be helpful.

  bounce44 16:09 15 Jun 2009

click here

Whtas peoples thoughts on this one?
Looks very cheap for the specs.
Anyone ever bought from them?

  citadel 18:51 15 Jun 2009

looks good to me

  OTT_Buzzard 23:27 15 Jun 2009

Novatech have a good reputation and the Entity is one of their best deals at the moment.

For the top end of your £1k budget you can probably do a home build Core i7 / X58 with a respectable graphics card(s), assuming you don't need an operating system, monitor, keyboard & mouse.

  OTT_Buzzard 23:49 15 Jun 2009

See below to give an idea of the cost of a Core i7 home build:

Asus P6T motherboard: £181
6GB OCZ Triple Channel DDR3 1333MHz RAM: £71
Intel Core i7 920 CPU: £217
Arctic Cooler Rev 2 Cooler: £36
1TB WD Caviar Green HDD: £65
HD4870 1GB Graphics: £134
Antec 300 Case: £43
750W Corsair PSU: £98

That lot (priced at click here) comes to around £845 which means you would have some space to upgrade some parts if you wish.


  bounce44 00:29 16 Jun 2009

Thanks Buzz. Looks a amazing spec for the price. Sadly i do need Monitor & OP system.

Maybe i will have to up my budget.

  Rigga 08:25 16 Jun 2009

Keep an eye on this page for the weeks offers from Overclockers. > click here <

Like this > click here= < Comes close to OTT_Buzzard's spec but is built for you.


  bounce44 13:38 16 Jun 2009

Thanks Rigga. The overclockers machine are not cheap. When you add a monitor & OP system, the price hits over £1000.

Im going to go for one of the offers on cyberpowerstystems, they seem great value, especially one or two deals.

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