gaming on a notebook---8500 make it possible???

  holtd 14:44 20 Mar 2003

I realise that there's not a hope in hell of getting the likes of Unreal Tournament 2003 to run on a notebook let alone play, but I want to be able to play the latest soccer games, motorsport and some FPS ones so what do I go for??? Is there any notebook out there that plays above average ( but below the meltdown of a #Ghz desktop) games? Need solid brand too- Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Apple? Was trying to compare new 8500 with 2.2Ghz etc with Powerbook 17" . 8500 has better graphics card and I hear ATI have brought out new one so I presume Dell will have it before long---should I wait or do you think that the current 8500 has enough power for what I want to do? (ie. play Pro Evolution Soccer 2 comfrtably, Tony Hwk 4, DVDs, comfortably) What pc spec wud this 8500 compare to????

  powerless 14:52 20 Mar 2003

Area-51 at click here - Designed for gaming on the small.

  holtd 17:22 21 Mar 2003

Thanx for the reply powerless but just wondering -will this tend to overheat? Also I need to bring into college library every now and then-will it be noisy or will fans only kick i when games are being played etc?

  powerless 17:38 21 Mar 2003

Overheating shoudln't be an issue as long as you put it on a table and not on your lap.

Noise however - Well the link i gave you there shows that the processor uses a DESKTOP processor and not the mobile processors. So (if i'm thinking correctly) it will run at full speed all the time. But don't take my word for it email them and ask them.

  fred 21:51 22 Mar 2003

I've run Warcraft III on my Toshiba Satellite 1800 PIII 1.1GHz with no problems.

  fred 21:54 22 Mar 2003

I always considered that My 75 MHz Apple Performa gave my Packhard Hell PIII 450 a good run for it's money. The Apple proved to be far more reliable as well.

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