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  Koeus 21:41 03 Apr 2009


I am buying a laptop and probably going for a Alienware M17. Does anyone have any experience with this company, would you recomend them? Also...

Is it better to go for a higher Ghtz dual core over a lower Ghtz Quad (I rarely have multiple programs open)?

Will 64 bit operating system show a marked performance increase over the 32 bit?

Has anyone negotiated off Alienwares list prices?

Is SLI worth the extra cost?

Thanks in advance.

  UK Sub 22:47 03 Apr 2009

This may help answer one of your questions.

click here

Best Answer
'If you can find a 64 bit machine for the same price as a 32 bit machine, get that. If you want to focus on budget, then get the best 32 bit box you can find'.

  Koeus 23:32 03 Apr 2009

UK Sub,
Thanks for the advice.

  GaT7 16:44 11 Apr 2009

I don't have any experience with this company, but their systems appear to be very good going by independent reviews. Their machines do come at a premium as well though.

Generally a higher-clocked dual-core CPU is better in gaming than a lower-clocked quad-core. BUT, the difference is negligible, & more games will have better support for the latter in the future. So I'd say go for a quad.

Correct me if wrong, but there's no difference in prices between 32 & 64-bit OSes, so the latter would again be desirable from a 'future' standpoint. You could also get both types (with separate licenses for each) & have a dual-boot setup - boot to whichever OS type better meets your needs for the given game/application.

Normally I wouldn't recommend SLI/Crossfire, but if you have the cash to spend & need the little extra boost, then go for it. Look at other laptop manufacturers too. Last year, Dell did a dual-core T9300 & 8800GTX SLI 17" laptop for £1100. This is arguably superior to the Alienware's CrossfireX HD3870 setup - & for a lower cost.

Last but not least, consider a desktop gaming machine. You're likely to get double the power for the same amount of money. Or, if you have to have a laptop for certain reasons, get a standard laptop, PLUS a considerably better gamimg desktop for an equivalent expense. G

  Koeus 09:10 12 Apr 2009

Thanks Crossbow7,

Wow that Dell was cheap, so will definitely see what I can spec up on their website (though Alienware is part of Dell - so maybe they are scaling back on gaming machines so not to compete)

I would love a desktop machine, but I have the age of problem of lack of space and a wife who hates the sight of a big box and wires!

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