Gaming Laptop - Zoostorm or not to Zoostorm?

  Shaun ofthe Dead 04:58 28 Aug 2007

Currently looking for a gaming laptop with a budget of £1500, I came across the Zoostorm 4-6634 laptop. I subsequently came here and saw this impressive review:

click here

Seemed Impressed I did (Yoda taking control :D) until I began looking at Zoostorms customer service record and finding some of the threads on this and other forums.

Most of these I noticed are backdated to last summer which has brought me here. What is the heads up on Zoostorm - Would I be advised to buy from them or should I take my money elsewhere because I don't want to throw money away.

Also, are there any other decent gaming laptops around at the minute for this price range if Zoostorm is off limits? Many thanks :P

  jimmybond 10:05 28 Aug 2007

If you're after something for gaming and have £1500, a 17in screen might be something to look for? Forgetting about customer service for a minute - the Zoostorm has a stonking amount of power, driving a feeble 15.4in and 1280 maximum screen res.

One of the factors which I looked for, when I was buying a gaming laptop earlier in the year - was a 17in screen capable of 1920 resolution.

  Shaun ofthe Dead 18:30 28 Aug 2007

Well as far as I can tell, the T7700 and 4GB Ram is the best teaming up to now at that price. Screen Size is neither here nor there - If I wanted a HD Display I'd buy a laptop with HDMI Output and buy a HDTV to play it on or just plump for a desktop.

If you have any other laptops you'd suggest I'm happy to look at them.

  jimmybond 00:08 29 Aug 2007

"If I wanted a HD Display I'd buy a laptop with HDMI Output...."

I wasn't referring to its ability to play HD movies. I assumed, as a gamer, you'd want a decent screen resoltion as well as frame rates.

You seem to know precisely what you're after already - why not just google on laptops and pick one that you like the look of?

I'm sure you can also search on 'pcnextday' in here - and draw your own conclusions on customer service as well.

  Shaun ofthe Dead 02:48 29 Aug 2007

I have looked on this forum and thus made this topic having seen the mixed reviews their customer service has received from people here however most of the results backdate to August 2006 which isn't very helpful as you can imagine. :P

I do know my stuff but I've never bought a laptop before in my life hence why I look to people who have to give me advice. I see an impressive spec sheet and I'm blown away - I need people to tell me it isn't that great and then offer another choice. You pointed out the screen isn't great - This is good but what else can I buy then?

  citadel 16:08 29 Aug 2007

rock xtreame 770 if you change the 8700 for a go 7950 it comes to about £1500

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