Gaming Laptop - high end purchase?

  Clueless!! 16:29 11 Mar 2009

Hi all,

I am looking to purchase a high spec laptop, primary use will be for gaming - and looking for something that can run the likes of Flight Simulator and Crysis as close to high settings as

I appreciate there are a multitude of laptops out there to choose from and the more I research the more confused I get.

I have a budget of upto around £3,500 and would really appreciate come direction. I have looked at the obvious such as Rock and Alienware but I am concerned by reports on the customer service and faults that people have commented on.
Is there anyone out there with a M17 Alienware or a Rock SL8 I wonder - it seems to be so difficult getting good feedback/reviews on these laptops - I am also very much open to other suggesstions........please help!!!!

  KorgY 22:10 16 Mar 2009

Do you have a desktop that you can upgrade to (say) 4870x2 GFX card, or GTX295??, or do you want a gaming laptop for LAN party, or just home use (Gaming in the house, when and were you want it.

It's a lot of money clueless, 3.5K, no responses yet on these forums, probably due to the fact that it wouldn't be money "well spent". Is it something you've been thinking about for a while, or perhaps you would "like" a gaming laptop because you've seen one doing "benchmarks, games lime crysis, and would like to be part of it.

Well,i've lloked at the M17, and it's as good as it gets foraround your budget. With Two 9800GT's in SLI, and a 2.8 CPU, it matches many desktops, but would probably cost sub 2K. Well, you;ll have the cool factor i guess, and if YOU WANT ONE, it is your choice, and your hobby/enthusiasm. Best of look finding one. Would have a look on extendedwarrentees too - like 3 years for example.

laptops aren't upgradable like there dektop counterpart, but a high-end Alien ware should be good for gaming for a few years. Not sure about batt life though:)

  Clueless!! 13:03 18 Mar 2009

Thank you for your help KorgY.

I do have a desktop but it is on its last legs, I have considered purchasing a new powerful desktop but I am trying to save space, hence the laptop question. I will use for pure gaming purposes around the home so I think an Alienware
could be a good buy - at least I hope so, I am just struggling to make that final committment.

Thanks again.

  wee eddie 13:55 18 Mar 2009

Is that it will not be High-end for that long ~ Maybe a year to eighteen months, then it would need replacing should you seek to maintain your High-end status. Potentially another £2 to £3,000 outlay.

While a desktop can be upgraded at will and would only require the input of a few hundred pounds every six months, or so, to stay at the top of the tree.

  AL47 19:16 19 Mar 2009

my laptop was a gaming laptop, and a good one in its day, i say it wouldve been 1500+ new [got it second hand] and lasted about 18 months on high settings

luckily i dont play games nay more really [except ones i already own]

if i still did i definitly wouldnt get a laptop, the depreciation is huge, as well as longevity, also terrible

  KorgY 14:54 20 Mar 2009

That's the only problem, depreciation as Al47 says. £3,500 (criky) for a gaming laptop is money well spent - IF you know you can afford one, and KNOW that in 12-18 months (less probably) it will be superseded by something better, like "I7 core's", Dual 4870X2 (or equivelent).

I've seen a few people on the internet with the Alienware M17X, and a "12000 3Dmark 2006 is a kind of figure your looking at. That's the latest laptop, and falls quite some way to it's desktop couterpart (my desktop gets 19.5K)

You won't be able to play Crysis (for example) at very high details , and with AA/AF on, but will have to compramize - and making compromises on a £3,500 machine seems a bit off.

Personally, what i'd do, is get a laptop for gaming, but not to excpect too much, and the Toshiba Qosmio X300-11W click here for model. will cost About £1700 - half of your budget, but comes with 3ghz CPU (very fast), 640 HD (very large - for laptop) GeForce® 9800M GTX supporting TurboCache™ technology, which will perform just as well as SLI if games aren't optimised for it. And they look cool too.



  Clueless!! 16:49 20 Mar 2009

Okay guys - you know what I am going to make space for a decent desktop intstead - so, what do you recommend on go for, again I want to use for all the same reasons, gaming, so what might you suggest - around upto the same budget, £3,500.

Thanks for your help........

  AL47 21:38 20 Mar 2009

for that money.. you can probably get the best of everything, a big warrenty and a huge HD monitor

  KorgY 04:40 21 Mar 2009

Hi again clueless!.

If you'r going to get the latest Desktop, and 3.5 will get you the best out there - more or less. Don't go for the i7 965 core, as if you click here you will see that they cost £839.49 inc VAT, whereas a I7 920 cost's £229.99 inc VAT
- and that is a big price gap. I've seen & heard of people overclocking this 920 to "beyond" 965 speeds. Just thought I'd let you know that, and also, the commonly known fact that I7 CPU's have little - if any advantages over a simple Fast duo Core (good for benching though, or video encoding. You could Try overclockers (that's were i got mine from (2.5K) This system click here= will set you back about 2.5K with mouse/speakers/keyboard. You can add monitor click here= it's a Samsung SM2693HM 26", and does 1920x1200 res. Or maybe go for a 30" screen.

Other places of note are Cyberpower, alienware, mesh (perhaps), Dell etc.

For Gaming, Nvidia GTX295 are for supreme performence (in Crysis too), but they are VERY expensive, with some brands costing over £500. Nvidia 285 are "cheaper", but For extreme gaming performence I would recommend SLI'ing a pair of these (or the "older GTX280 - if you can find any.

Happy shopping anyway, and keep us poseted:)


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