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  blackadder85 13:16 30 Oct 2008

Hello all,

Just wanted a bit of advice on buying a laptop that is capable of playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X graphics features turned up, the minimum specs for the game are pretty low but like I said before I want the graphics turned up pretty high. My budget for this is probably around £700 max.

I see that aldi is selling a medion laptop that look pretty good for £580, click here is that any good?


  The Brigadier 14:09 30 Oct 2008

It may work, but laptops really are not designed for gaming on.
For your budget you may not get a really good laptop.
Try someone like click here & build your own?
You would be better off buying a gaming pc from someone like Novatech though.

  blackadder85 14:33 30 Oct 2008

yeah i know laptops are not the best for the gaming but I am never in one place so a laptop is kind of essential

the laptop does not have to be a hardcore gaming machine just one that will play flight simulator x well

  The Brigadier 14:36 30 Oct 2008

For your budget you are really looking at the lower spec of the market.
Have you thought of getting a 2nd user one?
Have a look at Morgan click here or click here or click here

But under £600 you may not find what you want!

  blackadder85 14:44 30 Oct 2008

do not really want a second hand one but thanks for the suggestions, I know that i am not going to get a top spec machine for £700 but there must be something around that can play flight simulator x pretty well or am i wrong?

  The Brigadier 14:58 30 Oct 2008

No idea i'm not a gamer!

  blackadder85 15:09 30 Oct 2008

hey guys what about this, i thought that it look pretty good, click here

is £776.67 but HP are offering £100 cash back which will take it under my £700 budget

  GaT7 16:15 30 Oct 2008

The main component to look for when purchasing a laptop (or desktop) for high-end 3D-gaming, is the graphics card.

While the 9600M GT graphics (click here) on the last HP you linked to (review click here) isn't too bad, a powerful game like FSX simply will not run on high settings.

At the moment, Dell have a 17" XPS M1730 for ~£1079 delivered (may be a misprice!) click here, with dual 8800GTX cards in SLi - currently the 3rd fastest graphics solution for laptops click here.

Go through Quidco & get 5% cashback (~£46) click here. G

  GaT7 16:18 30 Oct 2008

Buy a desktop with a good graphics card instead - you'll get the same performance for much less. G

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