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  Ramakin 19:59 30 Mar 2008

Hi all,

I have read a few posts about gaming laptops and what you can and can’t get for your budget.

However I am now even more confused than before!

I originally had a budget of around £800 and MeshComputers seemed to offer and nice one for that with 4GB of DDRr2 667MHz RAM and a 1.9GHz processor (AMD Turion), including a 512mb ATI Radeon HD2600 FX card. It seemed to score the highest rating in a benchmark test against 6 other laptops (for playing games on).

However I then looked at an AlienWare laptop and ended up looking at one with a NVIDIA GForce 8700m GT SLI enabled, which supports DX10 and has a 1gb ram combined. Faster processor (Intel Core 2 duo T7200 2.0GHz) etc but of course my budget doubled!

However, things I am confused about are: SLI is it worth it? Will in a year’s time when things like Stargate Worlds (MMO) and other exciting games come out with either run them ok or will one be better than the other! people talk about PC's being out of date quickly but my desktop is 2 years old now and runs everything still; spot on.

I know I am comparing two laptops that are very different in spec and price but I just want to know what some others thought. I hope you will reframe from just saying the more expensive one is the right one for sure, I need to justify my purchase to myself.

  Chasman 22:14 30 Mar 2008

After checking this forum I found a link for Dell and customised a Vostro 1700 NB model

You can get
Core 2 Duo T9300 (2.5Ghz)
4 Gb Ram
17" WXGA+ Tu Life
250gb HD
256MB Ge Force 8600GT
15 Months Norton Internet secuirty
& delivery

for £757.31 (this offer includes money off automatically given valid until 9th April.

sounds a goodie!!!

  donki 12:40 31 Mar 2008

I dont like gaming laptops, but i wont get into that.

Personally the benifits of SLI arent great, as the game itself has to be optimised to make use of 2 GPU's, and I have only seen maybe 2 or 3 games with an SLI option in the settings.
Plus for the price of buying 2 cards when you could put the money together and buy a topline card which would be alot more benificial.

Like you my Pc is two years old this month and although the CPU (AMD 2400+ x2) is old and now below "entry level", because I have a 8800GTX my pc runs everything on full with little trouble at all. Its all about what you are happy with in a years time. Remember on a laptop thats it for life, so upgrading thats y i see them as a bit of a luxery, especially if its for gamming.

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