Gaming desktop-around £500

  gnvqsos 11:26 22 May 2009

My teenage sons have saved up to buy their own PC and I am trying to guide their purchase.They want to play World of Warcraft and Warhammer online and have been drawn to the Acer Aspire X3200/9650 which seems to have an impressive spec-especially the AMD Phenomx4 quad core and Nvidia Geforce G100.
This retails for £530 at PC World Dixons etc.

Would this be a reliable computer and are the named retailers able to provide good after-sales service?If not could you suggest a better manufacturer/retailer.

  Si_L 11:39 22 May 2009

I'm sure it would be a reliable PC, my family just bought a PC from Comet (part of PC World/Dixons group) and its brilliant, virtually silent and a good price.

One thing to say though is that you won't need such a good spec to play WOW etc, maybe you should think about a slightly cheaper spec, and use the extra money on games and peripherals for the new PC.

  Woolwell 11:45 22 May 2009

er - Comet are not part of the DSG (Dixons, PC World, etc).

Go for the best spec you can afford as the next gane will always require a higher spec.

  [email protected] 13:08 22 May 2009

of a gaming system is the graphics card, and the Geforce G100 in that Acer system is not up to much at all.

£500, including a monitor, is very tight for a gaming system, so if there was any possibility of increasing that slightly it would be a huge help.

How about this to get you started - click here. It's an excellent spec, but would need a graphics card and monitor too. It only has a 250W power supply though so that would need to be replaced with something better such as click here.

You can buy a cheap 19" widescreen monitor for £75 click here.

At the very least, I would go for a Radeon 4650 such as click here, but if you can stretch your budget then here are some more to consider click here, click here.

Another excellent base system to start off with would be this - click here, which already includes a 9800GT graphics card which is very powerful. It has a superb CPU too. All that would be needed is a monitor.

Alternatively, you could try ebay for a cheap 2nd hand monitor or even a 2nd hand computer. Some enthusiasts build top of the range systems, then a year or so later build a new one, and sell their previous one on ebay, and used computers do depreciate quite a lot!

  [email protected] 23:49 22 May 2009

the 4850, has gone up quite substantially since I posted it. I'm sure it was just over £80 (either that or I'm losing the plot!), because I was going to suggest 9800GT at first - click here

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