gaming desktop for 650 pounds

  bretjones 16:19 17 Jun 2007

im looking for one. as stated, it will be used for almost purely gaming, with a bit of internet surfing, and some burning of dvds.
i would prefer it if it came with a monitor (19" widescreen)

another thing: i dont have an OS on disk, my laptop never came with one, im not sure whether to get vista now or not. i dont really want to spend 60 quid on xp now, when it will be outdated in a few months time, so the question is, should i get vista now? i know that there have been problems using it for gaming. i do have linux on disc, but i have tried it and would really not like using it again (im crap).

thanks for the help.

  Kate B 16:51 17 Jun 2007

Yes, you should get Vista. And I think you'll be lucky to get something that will handle games at anything like a reasonable quality for that budget - can you increase the cash pot a bit?

  bretjones 17:34 17 Jun 2007

well, i can get about 150-200 for each week longer i wait before i buy the computer, thanks to a job i just picked up. i have been savig for this for about 4 months as it is now though.
damn friday night piss-ups tend to hold me back a bit though.
i was thinking something with an 8800gts 320mb, amd athlon x2, and 1 gb of ram?

  bretjones 12:52 18 Jun 2007

bump. is there anyone that knows where i can get a system like the one mentioned above for 650 pounds?

  Starfox 13:16 18 Jun 2007

You could give these guys a try, click here I can certainly recommend them. Best to give them a call if you don't see exactly what you want.

I bought a system from them on the advice of other PCA members and good advice it's been!

Threads about them at click here and click here

  bretjones 13:37 18 Jun 2007

well believe it or not, i was just looking at them now, before i looked at this thread again.

click here
i dont know if it will come up properly on this forum, but this is the system i have decided on, this thread is kinda obsolete now, but what do you think anyway?

  keef66 13:43 18 Jun 2007

you'd be well advised to get 2gb ram ir you go for Vista

  bretjones 14:03 18 Jun 2007

yes, i chose the 2gb corsair, 800mhz set. how much difference is there from 667 to 800? is it noticable enough to justify paying 45 pounds extra for?

  robbiepaul79 14:37 18 Jun 2007

i personally would eek out afew more weeks and spend closer to a grand on my system (800 minimum) really you dont want to be cutting corners when it comes to playing games.

  bretjones 14:54 18 Jun 2007

i dont really want to spend that much on a computer though, i have other things which i need to spend money on, this isnt the only thing i have to spend money on. as long as i can play the games on decent settings with a fair frame rate, then that will do for now.
lots of people say to spend as much as you can, but i dont think thats the best idea, since most parts go down in price after about 6 months.
why do you think i should spend closer to a grand for?

  bretjones 15:01 18 Jun 2007

please bear in mind that i am using this system to play games like rome, total war, and age of empires 3 atm:

acer travelmate 2410 laptop
1.5 or something ghz processor (intel celeron)
256mgb ram
128mb integrated graphics

i am not upgrading from a current gaming desktop, if i was then i could understand you suggesting to pay more, but at the moment, this spec will still offer a huge improvement over what i have now:

8800gts 320mb
2gb ram
amd athlon x2 3800+

hope you understand

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