Gaming Desktop - £1000-£1200

  Daz_Gamer 20:17 03 Feb 2009

Hi. I'm a new member and was seeking out some advice on buying a new gaming computer. Having looked at preety much every single custom build company and selecting reasonably similar components, I found Cougar Extreme (at click here) was the cheapest. Having read through the comments on the site about this company, I am almost sure about buying from here. However, not being very knowledgable, I wanted to check my build with some experts. So, what do you think of:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16 GHz 6Mb Cache
4GB Corsair Memory DDR3 1333
250Gb SATA Hard Drive
HX 750Watt PSU
1024Mb GTX 285 PCI Express Nvidia DDR DVI
QCE - Asus P5N-D - 1333FSB-DDR2 800x4 SLI-nForce 750i
DVD+/- RW - 20X (pioneer 115D)
Integrated Sound Card
64 BIT Windows Vista Home Premiem

  IClaudio 21:39 03 Feb 2009

That's a pretty good spec and should last a couple of years, but you shouldn't be paying more than £1000, even with a good monitor and keyboard etc. You may want a bigger hard drive, and 64-bit might benefit from more than 4Gb of memory.

I note that this company is recommended by PC Advisor ;)

  Si_L 22:00 03 Feb 2009

I would upgrade your HDD, its very inexpensive to do and means you won't have to worry about lack of space.

  Si_L 22:02 03 Feb 2009

Just checked and you can double it for £9. I would.

  Daz_Gamer 22:21 03 Feb 2009

Thanks, that was helpful.

IClaudio, where do you think you can get that with a monitor and keyboard for under £1000? Because that's the cheapest i've found and it comes out in at around £1050, with no monitor...

  IClaudio 22:57 03 Feb 2009

1.456 seconds of googling brought this up click here=

a highly-thought-of company and a great product (note the 500Gb disk, tho admittedly, the graphics card only has 512Mb of memory...) £680 for the PC leaves you £300 for a monitor and keyboard, hardly a challenge...

  IClaudio 22:59 03 Feb 2009

I'm tempted by this myself :)

  Daz_Gamer 17:23 04 Feb 2009

Thats an interesting idea, but i'm not happy about the idea of overclocking, mainly due to not knowing much about the risks. I think i'd prefer to pay more and be safe.

  citadel 17:45 04 Feb 2009

for that money you are in i7 territory
you could build one yourself.

  lennon0910 17:51 04 Feb 2009

Hi... i dont mean to put anyone here down or anything but why is it that everyone seems to base their decision on a purchase purely on price? i know we are smack in the middle of a recession but im afraid to say you get what you pay for... and when u got with a pc that is cheap you get cheap unreliable components and shoddy customer service from the company!! now wouldnt it be more worthwhile going to a company like click here and paying an extra maybe £20-£30 pounds but getting high quality components and excellent customer service!

  Si_L 13:04 05 Feb 2009

Are you being serious?

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