Gaming computer build, is it good?

  Warbeast 07:47 09 Sep 2005

Case: Viper ATX Extreme gamer case w/500W Power Supply
Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium nForce4 SLI
Processor: AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+ Dual Core
Video Cards: XFX GEFORCE 7800GTX
Sound Card: Sound Blaster X-Fi ExtremeMusic
RAM: Mushkin Extreme Performance DDR 2GB(2x1GB) XP4000
HD1: WD Raptor 74GB
HD2: WD Raptor 74GB
(Raided for game storage and OS)
HD3: WD SE16 400GB(All other storage)
Optical Drive1: Lite-On-It DVD-ROM
Optical Drive2: Plextor PX-712SA DVD-BURNER
PSU: tagan tg480-u22
-Case Fans: Antec SmartCool Plus 120mm(X2)
-CPU: Zalmon 7700cu
Monitor: DELL UltraSharp 2405FPW 24"
Keyboard: Saitek gamers board w/Numpad
Mouse: Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
Speakers: Klipsch 5.1 Surround Sound
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
-Mouse-Pad: Razer eXactMat Bundel Pack 2-sided Mouse pad w/Wrist Rest
-Lighting: Logisys Meteor Light(Red)
-Cable SLeeving: Vantec Cable Sleeving Kit(Red)

What do you all think of this build?

  Pooke 08:29 09 Sep 2005



How much?

  gudgulf 11:16 09 Sep 2005

I'll second that!


How much?

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:05 09 Sep 2005


  Bailey08787 17:08 09 Sep 2005

show off :-p

  GaT7 17:18 09 Sep 2005

The build/spec is fantastic.

Is it something that has been built & in your possession, or something you're thinking of building? If it's the former, all I can ask is what's the performance/benchmarks like? G

  Rayuk 17:23 09 Sep 2005

When is the X2 5000+ out then thought 4800+ was top one at the mo

  Warbeast 18:57 09 Sep 2005

This system is currenty not built, but it WILL be built soon enough. Those new things come out around the first of the year. I will probably stick with the 4800+ until the 5000+ prices drop a good amount. This system as configured with the 4800+ will be approxamatly 5000 dollars. When I get this built, I will post specs, benchmarks, pictures, and the cost of it. Thanks for the wows.

And check this out guys. I found this thread today. You can lower your GPU temps by up to 10c on stock cooling, and the best thing is you won't have to void your warrenty.
<url=click here>Lower GPU temps</url>

  vinnyT 13:38 10 Sep 2005

Having to put up with the 4800+, life is hard;-0

Incidentially. I'm not jealous, honest.

  Kate B 21:18 10 Sep 2005

Cor, that makes my Beast look more like a pussycat than a sabre-toothed monster. *goes green with envy*. Who's making that for you? Mine's a Voodoo and I love it to bits - it hasn't crashed once on me since I got it in June.

  Warbeast 07:57 11 Sep 2005

Hehe, I was told I would be competing with you lol. I might get everything from newegg that way it is all cheaper, then either build it myself or have the computer store build it and give me a warrenty.

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