Games advice, please.

  Forum Editor 17:40 22 Oct 2007

I have to obtain a bundle of around four or five PC games for a client. He lives and works in Oman, and wants to give the games to a colleague for Christmas, but can't be bothered to sort this out for himself. I'll be visiting him in November, and I heard myself saying 'don't worry, I'll get them for you, and bring them with me'.

I haven't a clue when it comes to gaming, so I need your advice - what should I buy for someone who is a keen gamer? Apparently anything will be welcome, as long as it's recent (and good).

  Mr Beeline 17:59 22 Oct 2007

Hi... depends a lot on his interest but..

Out now. Consider:

1) Half Life 2 Orange Box ... FPS ... fantastic value (contains five separate games and all for around £26).
2) Bioshock ... FPS
3) Stalker ... FPS with some RPG elements. Should have been game of the year in my opinion.
Command and Conquer 3 ... RTS
4) Tomb Raider Anniversary ... Third person adventure (Lara still has some life left in her).
5) SWAT 4 ... Tactical shooter ... on budget label now. Still a great game.
6) GTA San Andreas ... American third person shooter in a simulated real world with RPG elements (!!!)
7) Oblivion ... RPG/FPS hybrid. You could loose yourself in this one.

Coming before Christmas.

8)Crysis ... FPS ... should be a cracker.
9)Call of Duty 4 ... FPS

There should be upwards of a hundred hours game play in that lot.

My choice would be: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7

Though I'm sure this sort of choice could be debated forever.

  Mr Beeline 18:06 22 Oct 2007

My choice tends to be slightly biased, as I like shooting things.

Though I am making the assumption that the person concerned has a half decent PC. As no doubt you will appreciate that modern games are pretty demanding.
IE. dual core CPU, 2gig memory and a reasonable graphics card (something like an 8800 or 2900 series card).
Otherwise there would have to be compromises made on graphical settings etc.

If a lower spec PC. then I could suggest some less demanding games.

  Forum Editor 18:07 22 Oct 2007

Thank you for that impressive response - just the kind of information I need. I'll wait a few hours to see if anyone has anything to add, and I'll get the plastic out later this evening.

  Forum Editor 18:09 22 Oct 2007

anyone who works with him will have a pretty good machine - the people in their offices are very much into technology.

  jimmybond 18:17 22 Oct 2007

I'm no great fan of the 'shoot everything in sight' type of games, as I think there's far too many of these around nowadays - I wish developers would spend a bit more time on gameplay rather than just churning out the same old stuff with different scenery.
However - I still have to agree with Beeline - half life is a classic & the orange box looks a great bundle. Also, Bioshock has to be one of the games of the year....
after that - why not give him a break, and try something a bit challenging, in areas that don't involve shooting stuff.
Flight Simulator X is a great game, if you have the patience for it....

  Mr Beeline 18:20 22 Oct 2007

Think I should add:

Word in Conflict - RTS. Just out and gets some of the highest ratings ever.

Rome Total War (Gold Edition) - RTS. Great value.

I'll give someone else a go now (though my selection contains most of the current top rated games).

PS. Please ignore anyone that mentions the SIMS! (only my opinion of course).

  Acx 18:20 22 Oct 2007

Tall order with out knowing what genre he likes

but you shouldn't go far wrong with

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

  jimmybond 18:24 22 Oct 2007

good call - Tiger Woods always good for a laugh! Beeline's got some good games, but going for all the top rated and he'll just end up with 5 FPS's ;-)

  GaT7 18:34 22 Oct 2007

3 suggestions from me - all FPS(!)....only the first one is original (the other 2 having beien mentioned by Mr Beeline already):

1. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Amazon click here

2. Half-Life 2: The Orange Box - Amazon click here

3. CRYSIS (if it comes out in time) - Amazon pre-order click here

Here is a list of PC games released/going to be in 2007 (some in November) click here.

Just a thought....if someone is a keen gamer they may have the games already, or may have purchased them by Christmas anyway? G

  donki 18:34 22 Oct 2007

Id go for a broad range a FPS, an RTS and mayb a sport game?

1. Bioshock/ Call of Duty 4/ Crysis/ Halflife Orange box all out b4 Christmas

2. Command and Conquer 3/ Company of Heros & Opposing fronts/ World in Conflict

2. Has to be Football manager 2008!!

He will need a generous GFX card for all of points 1 & 2 and id recomend 2gig of ram for football manager.

Again its hard without knowing his comp spec or wot he likes.

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