gamers laptop..??

  lambo1309 16:38 09 Apr 2006

hi, does anyone know of a good gamers laptop which is also good for going on-line too...??
not too expensive though..
thanks for any help.

  lambo1309 17:40 09 Apr 2006


  Diodorus Siculus 17:44 09 Apr 2006

Look at your other thread:
click here

  lambo1309 17:55 09 Apr 2006

thanks, I was trying not to spend over £700.
anything else..??

  Totally-braindead 19:03 09 Apr 2006

You already have a thread as Diodorus Siculus has pointed out on exactly the same subject, I'm afraid starting a new thread on exactly the same subject will not help you.

Regarding what the others have said on your other thread I'm afraid I have to agree, you can get a good desktop for that money that will play everything out there albeit not at the highest resolution but for £700 you cannot get a gamers laptop, you would have to spend well over £1000 perhaps £1500-2000 and even then the games move on so quick you might find that its unable to play the next generation of games when they come out.

Laptops are not ideal for gamers, they are more expensive than their desktop equivalents and in general cannot be upgraded. If you want a gamers machine buy a desktop that you can upgrade, you will not get a gamers laptop for anything close to that sort of money. Unless perhaps you bought one second hand. Ebay perhaps, but to be honest with you I would not spend that sort of money on a second hand laptop.

  Devil Fish 01:07 11 Apr 2006

£1692.25 click here

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