FX chip or dual core?

  lee_robinson1983 11:21 08 Mar 2006

In terms of value for money and performance which is better? the Athlon FX-57 or the Athlon 4800 X2 Dual Core?

Would my gaming experience be compromised by choosing the dual core?


  anskyber 11:43 08 Mar 2006

The future seems to rest with dual and eventually multi core processors. In the short term current software may not take full advantage of the dual core capability but software houses are "on the case" of taking advantage of such facilities. It also seems clear that the full suite of Windows Vista (when it comes) will be optimised by dual core processors.

  anskyber 11:46 08 Mar 2006

I know this is the Intel site but the dual core advantages are explained here. (in their eyes at least) Click on Dual Core Demo when you get there. click here

  Jdoki 13:04 08 Mar 2006

Dual core is definitely the way to go. You'll get great performance now and 'free' performance when multi-threaded apps and games start appearing.

One thing to be aware of though is that a small number of games have some form of compatibility issue with dual core CPU's. I have yet to find a definitive list, but from personal experience Planetside has some problems but also a simple workaround

I have also heard a few people mention that they have problems with FEAR when running some dual cores CPU's - one which seems common is the 3800X2 - but as that's the CPU I use, and I have played FEAR with no problems I get the feeling it may be a combination of CPU and mobo/BIOS issues.

By the way - the dual core workaround for Planetside (and almost any other game which runs too fast) is...

- Run the game (preferably in a Windowed mode)
- Press Ctrl-Alt+Del to get up the task manager.
- Under the Process tab find the process for the game (i.e. Planetside.exe)
- Right click on it
- Choose CPU Affinty
- Untick one of the cores
- Close the Task Manager and enjoy your game at normal speed!

Unfortunately this has to be done every time you run the game.

  lee_robinson1983 13:08 08 Mar 2006

Thanks. Do different graphics cards work better with Dual core? thinking about getting a Geforce 7800gtx

  anskyber 14:51 08 Mar 2006

click here An example.

  Jdoki 17:13 08 Mar 2006

I've not heard of any incompatibility between dual core CPU's and graphics cards, especially from the big two, Nvidia and ATI.

The top end graphics cards will eat as much data as can be thrown at them, so having a fast CPU is always recommended to avoid bottleknecks. But both the 4800X2 and FX-57 will do a good job of keeping the GPU fed!

  Djohn 20:56 08 Mar 2006

Yep! Dual core is the way forward, even now you will see a difference as with XP you'll find you have many background applications running as well as anti-virus and spy-ware checkers, then you may want to be surfing and burning a disk at the same time as working in photoshop or similar. Multitasking is already here, has been for some time and these new CPU's will help out.

  007al 23:06 08 Mar 2006

AMD have taken their gaming chip to dual core with the FX-60,and the two cores are clocked slower than the FX-57,which says something about dual core.Dual core graphics cards have been around for a while now and nvidia are working on using them in SLI.At the moment they can run in SLI but only with one card installed using both cores.Gigabyte have one,but it can only be used in their motherboard i think.
Ive read that within a year,dual and quad cores will be the norm.We`ll have to wait and see.Sounds amazing compared to pc`s a few years ago.

  ulrich 17:16 09 Mar 2006

There is a ne Geforce 7900 on the XFX site.

  lee_robinson1983 07:59 10 Mar 2006

I've heard about it ulrich, obviously (?) will be better than the 7800GTX but the 7800 is still an awesome card

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