Future proof t.v plasma lcd, connections? help

  josie mayhem 19:31 06 Jul 2006

Looking at T.V's (yet again) what I want to know?

Is connection what are the best?

What features will be the most future proof?

Problems mounting the the t.V on the wall?

And any other adivce about buying a large screen plasma/lcd t.v

  Dizzy Bob 20:13 06 Jul 2006

For connections, make sure the unit has a HDMI socket. All TV's marked as HD Ready (NOT HD Compatible) will have one. An HD ready TV will also have a horazontal resolution of at least 720 lines (as opposed to 480 on a standard PAL television)

LG and Samsung make their own panels, and both seem to be pretty reliable with good quality pictures.

For wall mounting, check that the TV has VESA mounting bracket holes on the reverse. This is pretty common now, and will allow you to use an appropriate VESA wall mount.

I remember from a previous thread that you had problems with a TV from Currys. You might wan't to try PC World (even though they are the same group) as they currently have Buy Now Pay Next Year on all large flat panel TV's.

As to plasma Vs LCD, there are loads of different opinions, and pro's and con's to both. Popular opinion seems to be coming down firmly on the side of LCD, but Plasma can represent better value.

Good luck


  anskyber 20:26 06 Jul 2006

Samsung and Sony panels are made in the same factory, its a joint venture.

  josie mayhem 21:17 06 Jul 2006

thanks for the info,

Yep,I did have a lot of hassel with curry's, we did have a look in comet today (are they also a related company?) and I must admit, service very high indeed, it does remind me of the old 'are you being served' set up, a couple of people to querry if people need help, they find the right person for you and off you go...

Have seen a LG 42pc1dm with either a dvd home cinema or dvd recorder 80g for £1499 (need to add to that the cost of a stand or wall mount)

Comet will install/mount the screen on a wall, supplying all the leads/conections/cables/wall plate, and connect it to other equipment (and clean there mess up after) and demonstate the equipment for £299, and when you concider that a wallplate/mount costs £199 good value IMHO.

  Dizzy Bob 21:57 06 Jul 2006

PCW have the home install for £199 (£100 off) also including the brackets, and will price match


  Dizzy Bob 21:59 06 Jul 2006

Comet are not part of the Dixons group (as PCW and Currys are)


  josie mayhem 22:32 06 Jul 2006

thanks again

i shall take a look at the pcworld site to get a gest... they are also on the same site as comet, so might get a pick up from store! has I buy most of my computer parts from pcworld, as except one hitch (how they refuned a return and having the wrong card with me) I've found them to be fair and very good... But I haven't seen any large screens in my local store....

The worst part is seeing in comets sales broucher the lovley 42' screen and having a perfact lounge wall (4 meters) and knowing that it would be the ultimun thing on it, we can see it there (and having a film buff for a hubby, do I need to say more!) a 37' well wouldn't look right, I've measured dimentions ect for both wall mounted and stand... but after the hassel I've had well I need to go for the best if you know what I mean.

  961 11:15 07 Jul 2006

Remember to budget for a new/upgraded aerial if you will be using the freeview digital tuner in the set. Even if like me you have a sky box it is extremely useful to be able to use the freeview system, particularly if you pipe signals round the house and want to watch a different programme in another room

Try John Lewis locally or on line. They are competitive and usually give a free five year guarantee on large tv's. Often a sale with good reductions

Unless you are hell bent on having it on the wall think about standing it on a cabinet. You can swivel these sets vertically and horizontally and this can be useful. Also, some require a fairly strong wall to carry the set safely. Not all are

View Panasonic Viera LCD or plasma. Stunning. Generally lcd in smaller sets and plasma for larger. 42" is a good size for the lounge. If it goes on the wall, then not too high above your eye level or you will start to lose brightness

  josie mayhem 22:51 07 Jul 2006

The intended wall is a external wall (between us and the neighbouring flat, our flats were purposed built and not a alteration of a exsisting building)so shouldn't be a problem...

If we do go for the wall option then I shall get the professinals in, this option should give us the advantage that if it falls off, then someone else is to blame and we would have some come back(?)

Living in a small block of flats, we have a communal aerial, it does very well recieving digital signal as we already use digital, but is due for replacment in the next couple of years...

I think the worst bit is deciding what makes a good complination of features and connections, I know that I want HDMI conection but will one be suffient? and what the earth to you tell about HDCP how much different will this make....

And I thought deciding my best option in computer components was bad enough....

But choosing the telly is worse, a lot of money for one item, and you can't exacutly say well I don't like this component so I shall upgrade/change ect...

  josie mayhem 00:49 08 Jul 2006

The only problem with waiting, is that I will be without a T.V from Tuesday when currys pick up there heap!!!!!

Me as long as the computer servives I have no problems.... But hubby and the kids well... that a totaly different story altogether....

My price range is about £1800, so want to get the best I can, and with my recent experience of buying tellies, I really want to get the best poss (in my price range) and sit and enjoy and not worry for at least 5 to 8 years or more, but know that it will stand the test of time, and I can add things like HD transmissions, dvd ect as the price of kit becomes resonable ect....

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