Furious with BT.....

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 02:50 02 Oct 2003

You may recall my recent thread on BT broadband (BT Openworld) and the fact that they would have taken THREE WEEKS to transfer my account to our new house some 3 miles from where we currently live? Well, it gets worse!

Basically, I wanted to transfer my account and asked what i had to do. I had to notify them that I wanted to cease the acount, wait a full FIVE days before I could even request a new connection at the new house and then wait a further FOURTEEN DAYS before activaion.

Not wishing to wait for so long I signed up with Nildram for their 1Mbps service which will be live on Monday (We move tomorrow, Friday).

Sent cancel notification to BT and got an Email back saying that it would take AT LEAST A WEEK to disconnect my serivce and I would be liable for payments till then!

Hang on, BT would take three weeks to do someting that Nildram can do in 10 days and also they will take an extra week to terminate the serivce?? I Dont think so, this means that to get my account transfered (If I had wanted to ) would take a whole MONTH without being connected.

Plus the fact that they say a week is the earlist they can disconnect as that is the only available "Slot" for an engineer. Well, dont I recall that in every email notifying me of my payment due date that they say my service will be terminated IMMEDIATELY if they cannot secure payment???

BT can take a hike. I have been a loyal Broadband customer for two years but this apparant attempt to secure an extra weeks subscription on a false premise just make me want to steer claer of them altogether for all services!!

  graham√ 09:44 02 Oct 2003

Sorry to hear of your woes.

It is a fact of life that when you speak to 'BT' you are speaking to a call centre (in India?). The agent will be taking calls for several companies, and logs on to the appropriate database.

These will be programmed with the response to be given to a question, the agent cannot override these.

Can I suggest you read the information in the phone book under Customer Services ('If you still have a problem' section) which has several phone numbers to try. Also the Code of Practice has, amongst other things, a HomeMovers hotline on 0800 800 123. You may get more sense out of them.

Lastly, consider putting your thoughts in writing to BT. Unlike phone calls, a letter will quickly find its way to the right department and someone who can help.

  Sir Radfordin 11:02 02 Oct 2003

If it makes you feel any better I moved house back in August and rang Telewest to transfer the services over. Remember I was only moving 2 roads away!

They said yes we can transfer it, when do you want it done? Gave them a date and that was fine. Next the guy says because you pay for the services in advance I'll refund the next months rental that you have paid and then the first bill you get in the new house will be for that month and one month advance to put you right again. Couldn't be bothered to argue over that bit.

Engineer turns up early on moving day and has been told its a new install so has new account details, new cable modem, new digi box. He can't take the old one's away as he doesn't have the paperwork to do that. 3 months later I've still got them and Telewest haven't said anything about it.

He did say he couldn't use the old ones as it was on a different account. I did try to explain I was just having it transfered but that didn't make any difference. So assuming we'd got a new Telewest account I asked what the phone number was. It was the same as I'd had in the other house. So I've actually ended up with two telewest accounts that point to the same servcies and only get billed once.

The final bit of madness was that the account details I'd got for Blueyonder Broadband were on their system as a PAYG account so I couldn't use the Self Care. The fact that I've never used dial up with them didn't seem to register.

Seems much simpler not to move house!

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