A funny tale about Woolworths

  Graham. 15:38 30 Mar 2008

I decided to buy one of those small greenhouses. I'd seen the one I wanted in Big W, so went to their website click here.

Now you can see the top one is £26.99, the third one down is £29.99. So I printed off the first one and went to the store.

The price on the box is £29.99, so I went to Customer Services and showed them the print. The lady looked on their system, they both have the same barcode. She said she would order one for me at £26.99. And she did. Should be there on Wednesday. No doubt it will be kept seperate from all the others they have on display.

  tullie 16:53 30 Mar 2008

Whats the point your putting across Graham?that you saved £3?

  GaT7 17:35 30 Mar 2008

In addition to saving £3, I think Graham also got a 'better' model for less money?

Those can be quite flimsy in strong winds, so some things to do to lessen the wind's effect click here. G

  Demora 17:39 30 Mar 2008

I think that Graham is pointing out that 'Woolworths' are willing to help and that could include buying electri8cal goods and the Medion Range of pcs.

Well done Woolies. Other retailers should take note.


  GaT7 17:52 30 Mar 2008

Yeah, I've always found the staff very courteous & helpful. I complimented one of the 'older' staff on some excellent service the other day & she seemed a bit embarrassed, or probably just chuffed I guess! G

  Forum Editor 19:29 30 Mar 2008

it can get......it's been losing money hand over fist.

  spuds 21:58 30 Mar 2008

We have always had Woolworth stores in our city, and that included one of the first UK's Woolco supermarkets. Not any longer though, they gave about two months notice late last year, and left the city for good. In that last couple of months, customer care dropped rapidly, I suppose it was the shock of the sudden closure.

  belfman 23:52 30 Mar 2008

Our local one went to the dogs.

It started as a "Big W" store with a normal Woolworths in the City I regularly visited both.

They sold the city centre one to Dunnes Stores and the other retail park one became a Woolworths but not like the original city centre store I shopped in.

It was a cross between the two and it just looked like a haphazard set up... I no longer shop in it due to the way it is and also the quality of the staff.

  Graham. 00:07 31 Mar 2008

I didn't intend this as knocking Woolworths, just to show how computer systems can hamper the efforts of the staff. They can only follow the proceedure that has been programmed.

The fact that they have to order an item that is already in the store must be very frustrating.

I remember asking about an item in PC World not so long ago. I asked if I could have it at the on-line price. They said 'Of course'. Now that is part of their TV adverts.

  belfman 00:13 31 Mar 2008

Surely they could have reduced the stock in the store by 10%?

  Acx 00:15 31 Mar 2008

The £29.99 one says it includes interior shelving that the £26.99 doesn't (could explain the price difference).

Shame to hear they are still losing money (I knew they were have problems a few years ago), I think they have really got their act together in the last few years, would be a shame to loose them from the high street.

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