Fujistsu-Siemens owner in catch-22 nightmare!!

  eric_cantona 10:35 11 Oct 2004

I need some advice please - I'm in a bit of a catch-22 situation. Bit of a long story I'm afraid so bear with me.

I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D7830 laptop that I purchased on the 19th of January this year.

All was well until this weekend.

I was away for the weekend and took my laptop with me. I was working away fine with it off AC Mains power. I was packing up to put it away, so unplugged the AC cable to run of battery for the last 10mins or so. Suddenly after a minute or so, the PC cut out/shut off without warning.

Strange I thought, I've been running off mains so why would the battery be dead?

I plugged the mains back in, turned the PC on. Started windows, and the icon on the bottom right of my screen tells me the Battery is charging and the is currently at 0%.

Weird, I waited for a bit, 10mins, 30mins and alas - it still stayed at 0%.

All weekend I've tried to solve the problem, I took the battery out & put it back in. After doing this I start up windows, but this time the icon tells me the pc is running purely on AC power. I double click however, and the battery says it is at 75% power!!

How could this be? I take the battery out again, put it back in again - and lo and behold, the battery indicator is back at 0%.

I downloaded a BIOS update from the FS website (it was the same version as the one I already have, but tried it anyway) but to no avail.

Gutted, so I ring up Fujitsu-Siemens's Warranty helpline only to be told that the AC adaptor and Battery only have 6 months warranty - At this point I am not a very happy chappy. The warranty guy then tells me I have two options.

1) Buy the parts (i.e. the AC Unit and Battery) myself from their parts helpline.


2) Use the Collect & Return service they offer so they can check out the PC themselves.

Now on further inquiry, If i were to use their C&R service, IF the problem was with the PC itself, I would pay nothing. BUT if they took it in and it was a battery/ac unit problem, not only would they charge me for this, but they would charge for the courier service too!

So this is my catch 22.......

Do I buy the parts myself? AC Unit is £40. Battery is £112.

Or send it to Fujitsu? Courier charge £94!! + the potential parts cost.

It looks obvious, BUT how can I, Joe Bloggs be sure that it's either the AC Unit, the Battery or both that are at fault? I mean the laptop works fine off the mains.

And if it's neither, then I would have been better off sending it to FS...

I am in a quandary and don't know what to do!

Could I take the PC in to a local PC store so they could diagnose/test the battery/AC Unit? Or would this invalidate the warranty?

A footnote - Now this may or may not have something to do with the problem. When I went away for the weekend, I took my sky digibox with me. Now the mains cable for that, and for my ac adaptor look identical. Now it is very possible that they may have inadvertently been switched, could this be the cause of the problem???

Nay advice/help would greatly be appreciated!

  Belatucadrus 11:02 11 Oct 2004

click here

click here

For a couple of useful links, if you can get hold of Absolutes technical dept they can probably advise you as to the most likely cause.

  georgemac 11:20 11 Oct 2004

the mains cable would not be the cause of the fault.

£94 courier charge? they are taking the mickey here.

I would try a battery specialist, and I am sure you will be able to get a replacement battery at lower cost.

  eric_cantona 11:26 11 Oct 2004

so do you think that I should go ahead and buy a new battery first?

I mean the AC definitely works as that is what I now use.

Is there a way that I can double check that my battery isn't dead?

I mean can I take it into a PC store and ask them to test it somehow?

  georgemac 11:51 11 Oct 2004

you could - I do not know if they will be able to test it.

what type of battery is it - ie lithium ion, ni cadmium, ni-mh?

older batteries used to be recoverable by fully discharging them to get rid of the "memory effect" but it depends on the type.

the pc store would most likely want to sell you a new battery.

  eric_cantona 12:03 11 Oct 2004

i think its a lithium ion click here

Only had the thing 8/9 months!

  TBH1 12:59 11 Oct 2004

does it defo say in your warranty that battery and AC are not covered for 12 months ? If there is no mention of that, then you can presume that they are covered and shouldn't cost anything to replace.

  eric_cantona 13:28 11 Oct 2004

spoke to FS direct, confimred 6months and no lee-way


  wee eddie 13:56 11 Oct 2004

Do you mean that you may have used the Digibox's transformer, or just the cable.

  eric_cantona 14:02 11 Oct 2004

Just the cable

I've been advised that putting the battery in the freezer may help???

Could anyone enlighten me on this!??

  georgemac 14:11 11 Oct 2004

click here more info - the more I read the less pleased I am that my sony digital camera has a £50 lithium ion batttery

I would rather it had cheaper to replace ni-mh

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