FTP program

  crazyj 15:37 16 Sep 2005


I need a FTP program for my web site and it needs to be free. Can anyone tell me where I can download such a program. I have searched in google many times only to be bombarded with 'free download' then pay a fee for the key code and ones from sites that i am unsure weather to trust. I would like recomendations from people who have used them rather than 'i searched in google and found this!'

Thanks in advance :-)

  Thalmus 15:41 16 Sep 2005

There are plenty here

click here

  pj123 15:52 16 Sep 2005

Why does it need to be free???

What is your website? Is it commercial?

I maintain 9 websites for various people. All of them pay a yearly hosting fee. Why should your's be free??

  omega-13 15:58 16 Sep 2005

Why not? rather have it for free than pay, especially if i lack the funds for it.

  omega-13 16:00 16 Sep 2005

or have i read your answer wrong?

  Jim Thing 16:49 16 Sep 2005

I run my strictly non-commercial website on a labour-of-love basis and have been using the freeware FTP Commander for four years or thereabouts. It's excellent. No problems whatever.

click here

  pj123 16:57 16 Sep 2005

OK so give us a link to this website?

This way we can make up our own mind whether it is commercial or just a home based site.

  Jim Thing 17:08 16 Sep 2005

click here

O ye of little faith...

  Jim Thing 19:53 16 Sep 2005

Please allow me to try and sort out what seems to have been a misunderstanding on your part. The OP didn't ask for help with website hosting, but was asking people to recommend freeware FTP software with which they'd had personal experience. That is what I did.

I mentioned my own website not because I wished to draw attention to it, but because I felt that the circumstances that influenced the choice of a freeware solution in my case may also apply to the OP. These are:

(a) My website is not a source of income — I'm not flogging anything;

(b) The site is of interest to only a specific, relatively small group of people worldwide (i.e. the elderly ex-pupils of my old school) and I really don't care whether the search engines pick it up or not;

(c) It provides me with an absorbing hobby which stops the inside of my head from silting up and (IMO) is much more interesting than watching Countdown, playing Bingo or drooling down the front of my shirt.

There must be thousands of websites that exist on a similar basis to my own, and I suspect that the OP's site may be one of them.

Finally, given that adequate facilities for this type of website are widely available at no cost, I can think of no earthly reason why the authors of non-commercial websites should pay for either website-hosting or FTP software.

Can you?



  crazyj 20:00 16 Sep 2005

Thanks Jim i will try FTP Commander.

Thanks for all of your suggestions

  sharkfin 20:15 16 Sep 2005

Try Smart FTP, has an easy to use interface and free for non-commercial use

SmartFTP: click here

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