Frustration at MESH

  captain bob 15:59 26 Nov 2004

Is Mesh really as good as they claim? Three years ago I gave up trying to buy a computer from them. This time I perservered. After over two weeks of frustration (they never ring back) I abandon the free 6 months credit option and decide to buy out right. Delivery is booked but only on the due day do I discover that the machine will not be delivered because of a 'problem' between their accounts and the credit card company. The sales department have not relayed the appropriate security code to accounts. Mesh never contacted me to sort the matter out (remember they never ring back) so a day is wasted on the phone trying to get answers. Now I discover the machine is not even ready and still it is impossible to get any sense out of the company. They never ring back, no one accepts responsibility, whatever must it be like if the machine develops a fault? I dread to think but yet PCAdvisor still keeps recommending this shower. Do I expect too much?

  MESH Support 16:25 26 Nov 2004

I'm sorry to hear of your problem.

Please email me your order number and screen name (captain bob) to [email protected]

I will then be able to check on the current status of your system and should you wish to proceed with your purchase, ensure the delivery proceeds.


Mesh Support

  westwit 23:42 26 Nov 2004

The problem is, Davey, that you monitor these threads complaining about MESH service and say email me and I'll sort it out - but nothing seems to happen. See my thread 'MESH - new system unuseable': I have emailed you twice at your request but never had a reply. I still can't register for MESH online support and no one answers the phone!

  johnnyrocker 00:50 27 Nov 2004

well i for one am not surprised.


  phil 12:31 27 Nov 2004

Same here Westwit.

I should think he's very busy though with all those emails to plough through and it is the weekend.

Give the man time.

  Sans le Sou 15:58 27 Nov 2004

But the point is he shouldn't have to scour the forums and promise action and get all the mail, or is this some management ploy from Mesh? If tech support et al would answer some mail poor old Davey might get a day off. Seems a strange way to do business.

  MESH Support 02:51 29 Nov 2004

You are quite correct that problems should not occur but the fact of the matter is that they do. When problems occur, the first we will hear of it will be via our support channels and sometimes this forum.

However as it presents the opportunity to offer help, we see no reason why it should not be used for offering help.

Regarding the emails westwit, some replies have been delayed but I am sure I responded to yours on Friday. Unfortunately I cannot check until I get to the office Monday morning but I will do so first thing.


Mesh Support

  captain bob 07:55 29 Nov 2004

I agree that problems occur but a company claiming ISO 9000/9001 accreditation should have systems in place to ensure that they are dealt with speedily and that the customer is kept fully informed on progress. Westwit has been without a fully functioning machine, and I have been put to considerable inconvenience, frustration and expense reorganising the installation of my new machine. The satisfaction survey in PCAdvisor says it all - 15% of customers will not use your company again. How did you gain ISO 9000 accreditation with that sort of record?

  georgemac 08:48 29 Nov 2004

I have contacted Mesh support on a number of occassions (Davey through this forum) and have always had a reply.

In fact the first time I had a typo on my email return address in outlook (my fault) and davey then contacted me through the email link on this forum telling me about it.

I agree not being able to register for the online support is frustrating - this happened to us also - but they are working on it.

I have always found davey very helpful, and am glad Mesh monitor this forum, a lot of problems are resolved quickly.

  georgemac 08:51 29 Nov 2004

do you sleep?

  westwit 00:10 30 Nov 2004

Davey has emailed me now - apparently his mail of Friday went astray. I think he is doing a very good job in monitoring this forum and getting the support people moving. I'm just astonished that this human dynamo seems to be the only really effective member of MESH Support staff.

Davey - are there not enough support staff? or is MESH just going through a particularly difficult time with XP SP2 / Athlon 64?

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